Saturday, February 12, 2011


Tomorrow is the last day to enter my AMAZING giveaway. That was fast. Did you think that was fast?? I thought that was fast. (movie trivia)

So if you want a shot, head back to that post and leave me a comment. Or become a follower. Or leave me a comment letting me know you're already a follower.... I know, it was confusing when I explained all that the first time. So here's what I did, assuming everyone who commented and was already a follower, or became a follower wanted two entries: Entry/comment #1 was from Breeanna. Breeanna also became a follower, so that act is entry #2. Larin's comment was entry #3, and becoming a follower is entry #4. I have it all written down on a little cheat sheet so I know who is who.

There are a couple of you who became followers but didn't comment. I didn't count that as an entry at all and just assumed you didn't want my stinking scarf (that's just a figure of speech. it is in no way stinky. i promise). So if any of you wanted a chance at the giveaway go back and leave a comment.

I'll be clearer on everything next time.

NEXT TIME??? There's going to be a NEXT TIME???!!!!

Yeah, I don't know. We'll see.

Anyways, consider yourself reminded. Of how awesome you all are. And of the giveaway.


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The Erdei's said...

Hey-- This is the crazy lady from church :) Sorry I missed the giveaway! But the scarf was darling and I love your blog! And I'm still going to become a follower anyway! Thanks for such a good read! :)