Tuesday, February 8, 2011

here's the part where I embarrass myself. (giveaway closed)

So, I'm going to do a giveaway! And every part of that sentence terrifies me a little bit. This could play out a number of ways:

1. You could all laugh at me and say, "Who do you think you are? Oprah??"

2. You could all laugh at me and say, "What made you think anyone would want something you made??

3. My husband could laugh at me.

4. You could all laugh at me and say, "That's ugly. And so are you. And so are your kids." (just kidding. that last part would never happen)

5. You could all enter, and then someone would win, and I would forget or be lazy and never send it to them and it would get really awkward and I would probably never blog or talk to that person ever again. Yikes!

6.You could all enter, and then someone would win, and I would send it to them, and we'd all go about our lives as if nothing ever happened (except for the person who won. their life would never be the same. in a good way).

I like to consider all the possibilities before jumping into anything.

So here's the deal. My lovely friend (and fashion guru) Launa was wearing a scarf the other day that I loved. When she took it off and showed it to me she said it was an "eternity scarf," a fancy way of saying that it was a big strip of fabric sewn into a circle that you loop around your neck. Genius. As she held it up I did that thing like robots do when they're figuring something out and you see everything like they see them: measurements, weight of fabric, possible variations... And then I remembered that I wasn't a robot....

Anyways, so I made one. And I have enough fabric to make another one. And so I'd like to give one away. And what better way to do that than by shamelessly getting people to admit that, 1) They like me, they really like me! And, 2) Follow me. Yowzers, that last one sounds serious....

And you may or may not know this, but I have serious issues with taking pictures of myself. It's painful. It's embarrassing. I feel like a big, huge dweeb. So I had to make this as fun for me as possible. And sunglasses seemed to do the trick. So here's the scarf and the many ways you could fashion it around that pretty little neck of yours:

Looped twice and laid back, yo (this is how I wear it):

Looped three times and worn as a disguise, (sneaky sneaky)
or to keep your neck (and face) warm if it's super cold outside (this picture makes me laugh):

Simply hung around your neck all lazy-like (but I wouldn't recommend making that face. if you've ever seen the movie Empire Records, I was harnessing my inner Warren. and I would have taken a better picture where the scarf looked a little nicer, but I was really paranoid that maybe my neighbor could see me, so I was trying to hurry. ):

But no matter how you wear it, it'll be hard not to look like this:

'Cuz that's how it'll make you feel. Like a champ.

So here's how you get two, (2), TWO! entries:

1. Leave a comment on this post. Any comment. And come on, don't be shy. We're all friends here.

2. Be or become a follower to my silly little blog. (I'm adding that part simply because it makes me super happy when I get new followers. that's the part where my husband laughs at me)

Leave one comment per entry like this:
comment #1. You're a big nerd, but I want that scarf.
comment #2. I'm a follower but only because you made me do it.

See? Easy peasy.

Oh, and the scarf is made out of the fabric that I got from Mood while I was in NYC. :) It's nothing too fancy, just a super thin, soft cotton. I love it. And really, I wear it almost every day.

So go enter. Giveaway ends on Sunday night (Feb. 13th) at midnight (or would that be considered Monday morning?? You know what I mean). Winner will be picked via Random.org and announced on Monday... Or Tuesday... And if I'm feeling super generous the winner may get a few more goodies in their package. :)

And for good measure, one more picture. With me being normal. Just so you know that wearing the scarf won't automatically make you act like an idiot. But what's with the hands on my hips??

My name is Katie and knowing that there's no one else on the other side of the camera makes me feel like a nerd.


Breeanna said...

i want a scarf lady! and i'll rock it the best i can :D

The Knappy Crew said...

Love your post and I would love your cute scarf. Oh and I love love love Empire Records. I miss that movie! P.S. You are funny!

Erin said...

I'm a big nerd and I follow your blog. And I bought you that fabric so I deserve the scarf more than anyone. I think you should throw in the shades, too.

Angela said...

You know I want that scarf. And your blog is one of my favs.

Mandi said...

So, I'm worried about you having something in the house that you could use as a restraining device on your children. Good reason to send it to me.

Ben and Becca said...

Okay, so i don't want a scarf (surprise?!) and, while Becca may want one, in my humble opinion, she has a few too many... (translate: WAY too many).

Nevertheless, I just hadta' post bc I thoroughly enjoyed reading this entry.

Many thank you's for the laugh!

MaryPosa said...

Hey. You are the awesome.

i follow your face.

MaryPosa said...

Oh... i get to enter a second time you say?

that scarf would look amazing on my neck.

Shannon and Marcus said...

I want that scarf. Please send it to 676 N. 600 E. Apt. 11 Logan UT, 84321. If I don't see a package soon...well there is no telling what can happen. I know where you live...or at least I can find out.

Kristine Pratt said...

Hey it deleated my first message and my word verification was, "flubb" don't know why but that made me laugh. Ok here's what I said:

I love those scarves, I've seen them at J Crew and want to get one everytime I go. So if you made something that they make you must be cool! And I love project runway and definitely need something from Mood!

Kimmie said...

I love your style girl!!! I am your blog stocker. I am not a follower but I have your blog listed under my favorites...does this make me a nerd? LOL!!! I WANT THAT SCARF SISTA!!! IT IS TOOOOOOO CUTE!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!

Kimmie said...

Ok it's official I am a follower of your blog Woooooo Hooooooo!!! I have arrived I am not longer a blog stocker. LOL!!! I love your cute posts...Keep up the good work!!!

Kelsie said...

If I were to see you right now I would:
1. hug you!
2. probably talk about boys
3. tell you look cute (you always do!)
4. be amazed by your craftiness
5. wish I was more like you

What I AM GOING TO DO right now:
1. Praise you:
a) Katie you are awesome
b) You are so talented
c) Thanks for always being such a good friend
d) I look up to you so much
2. Admire your work once again:
a) I love your scarf
b) I love everything you have made (pure talent!)

Okay, I will talk to you later! I can't wait to come visit again! (: Have a lovely day my dear!

Buddie Ann said...

I'm a team Cowan follower...cause you guys are awesome!
And so is your scarf!

If you don't make me one I just might!!

Buddie Ann said...

I get to enter twice :)
This is pretty awesome

Lots of love, (or lol depending on how you feel like typing it)


Tiffany-Joy Mo said...

Hi! I saw one of these after Christmas and asked the person working there "Um, what exactly do you do with this" After she explained I was mesmerized by the idea....but since I'm a cheapo i didn't get it....but now, since I'm your bestest friend from the younger years, and I named my baby after you, you should give it to me. :)

Tiffany-Joy Mo said...

When I saw how i needed to enter I thought "Oh, that's easy I'm already a follower" but alas, I for some reason was not an "official" google reader follower, so now I am. hope it makes your day to get one more added :) (I like to see people comment on my blog too...hint...hint....)

Sarah said...

Okay, I want it. Super cute! You make me sick with your incredible talent... I'm so glad you are friends with my friend Cristan so I don't feel AS weird about reading your blog and being able to laugh at your hilariousness :)You rock :)

P.S. my word verification is "squidpoo" I knew you would appreciate that ;)

maurine said...

Ummm, I'm embarassed that I didn't follow you before!! I guess I just come over here when you post a link on face book. Any ways, it's amazing how talented of a seamstress you have become!

maurine said...

here is my second comment...lets see, did I tell you I really like your hair? And in the picture where you are pointing at yourself you look just like Quinn! I hope this giveaway brings you many followers!

Autumn said...

Hook me up! :) I would love it! I love reading your blog and reading about your two boys cause I very well see my self in the same situation. When you were talking about the tye died socks it reminded me of when Zack brought some tye died onseies to my mom's house right after Quinn was born for my twins! Wow, that's been a while ago!

makimaki75 said...

And maybe one day I will have a blog of my own. But I won't be brave enough to share it.

makimaki75 said...

Oh grayp! My first comment didn't get published. and it was a good one. (maybe you should insist that we use our word verification in a sentence-that would be fun)

Hailey said...

I'm entering!! And I'm a follower! Pick me, pick me!

Kristin said...

How did I almost MISS THIS?!?!

Leaving a comment. :)

PS--You rock.

PSS--Like really.


Emma said...

Cha-ching...I am now a follower :). I hope I win! Thanks for the giveaway- I'm looking forward to more free stuff in the future :).

Emma said...

So here is my second entry- I want that scarf...no...I need it.

Paul said...

I almost forgot to do this! Aaaaaand, I'm already a creepy follower, so double points para moi. Sweet. I heart scarves.

Bree said...

Sweet! I'm entering...I love contests, even though I never win!

I Think you are so fun, funny, and super-duper crafty. Wow, You make me wish I had paid more attention in home-ec class when I was in school! :)I am glad that I can get to know you through FB and now Blog too!

Lanae said...

Katie, I love your blog and the scarf, so sign me up!

Beck n' Ben said...

I'm a follower - and disregard what Ben said in his earlier comment- if that comment wins- I (bold and underlined) DO want the scarf to add to my collection. I definiely need a Katie Cowan in my collection.

elissa_cassie said...

Katie, sorry so late to comment. I have to confess that I am a HUGE procrastinator! I love the scarf! I have one that is a light lace material and I LOVE it. Yours is equally amazing so sign me up even though I am doing this so close to the deadline time.

elissa_cassie said...

oh ya, AND... I too became a follower! See better late then never right?

Tara said...

sorry i am late. Just wanted to say - I love your blog and love the giveaway. you should give the rad scarf to someone who doesn't deserve it - like a late reply : ) tara