Monday, February 14, 2011


We don't do much for Valentine's Day around here. With our anniversary so close to it, it makes sense to skip it. Although Zach is very mindful of the fickle nature of women (or just me), and makes sure to ask me every year if we're doing anything for Valentine's Day. He's smart.

So here's my nod to this Day For Lovers - A playlist of (love)songs from some of our favorite movies. My sister Juli helped me (Erin - I tried calling! You didn't answer. I can't imagine why you would possibly be busy...) (Erin has 6 kids) (And she's hot) (Juli's hot too) (And so's Zach. I thought I should throw that in there since it's Valentine's Day and not Brag About Your Sisters Day).

Enjoy (as if you weren't already). (p.s. I won't tell you what movies and we'll see if you can guess. Juli - give someone a chance for at least a day or two)

And one more that I couldn't find on grooveshark:
The Very Thought Of You - Billy Holiday

Happy Monday everyone! I'm looking forward to seeing if you can guess the movies.

p.s. Giveaway winner will be announced soon!!! Tonight? Tomorrow?? Probably tomorrow. :)


makimaki75 said...

I think your blog is having some technical difficulties. Especially if you don't want everyone to see the answers.
p.s. and yo, I ain't prega (word verification)

Ann Marie said...

love nick drake.

OUR HOUSE said...

simply marvelous:)
p.s. we both posted in parenthesis on Valentine's day - what the?