Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 things

Today seems like a good day for a random list of things. Don't you think?

1. Today I'm going to do the laundry. I have two full loads to do. And I'm doing the white load first. Usually I do the white loads last because I really enjoy folding the colored loads and looking at our boys cute little clothes. But then I end up leaving the white load in the drier for days and restarting it over and over again to get the wrinkles out of Zach's shirts. And then I forget to take them out... again.... A vicious cycle, it is. So I'm switching it around, hoping I'll get the whites done quick so I can get to the fun/cute colored ones. P.S. Talking about "whites" and "coloreds" is making me feel weird.

2. Also about laundry - I use three different kinds of laundry detergent for all of our different kinds of laundry. Regular detergent for the whites (there it is again), the homemade detergent for the coloreds (racist!), and Charlie's Soap for Max's cloth diapers. This seems excessive to me. But I've come to the conclusion that despite it's excessiveness, it is necessary. And I'm ok with it.

3. I love cheese. I really, really do. Latest cheesy love: Laughing Cow's Creamy Swiss. Yesterday I had two wedges with some Wheat Thins and it was..... dreamy. Our boys love cheese too. The other day I made them noodles sprinkled with feta. They devoured it and asked for more (which never happens). I didn't think feta was a cheese that kids would be interested in, but my boys love it. Cute little weirdos.

4. I have strong feelings about socks and here they are: I don't know of any situation in my life where it would be necessary for me to wear plain white socks. Which is why I refuse to own plain white socks. Our boys have white socks, but only because I bought them with the intention of tie dying them and.... never got to it.... And it BOTHERS ME when I have to put those white socks on them. I've been building their supply of colorful socks and it brings me great joy. I could go into greater detail about this (and I have to a few close friends - amazingly they still love me), but it makes me sound like a huge meany, and I try to avoid doing that, so I'm just going to stop now.

5. I have a "favorites" list set up for Zach on etsy so that on any given occasion he can pick out something that he knows I'll love. Granted, (bless his heart) he's only done this once (he leaves gift buying to the last minute, which doesn't work if you're also going to have to factor in shipping). Nevertheless, I love that man. And we'll celebrate 8 years of marriage coming up on February 20th. We've looked over my favorites together, but I don't know what his plans are. One thing I do know - Wherever we are on our anniversary, we will be eating some really good food. Which I will not be cooking. Or cleaning up. And that is a gift in itself.

6. Also, let me just put it out there - When it comes me and Zach, he's a sucker, and I'm the lucky one. And he would want me to add this: I don't usually clean up dinner; he does. So the part about cleaning up in #5 doesn't exactly apply to me.

7. Yesterday I gave our boys haircuts. This is usually Zach's job. He uses the clippers. But I wanted to see what I could do with scissors. I practiced on Quinn first. He cried and complained most of the time. And it didn't turn out well at all (imagine uneven chunks of chopped hair all over his head. no, I didn't take a picture). I ended up having to even it all out with the clippers. For Max I just chopped off his mullet. It wasn't bad, but by the end of the day it was bothering me, so I braved the scissors yet again. And I don't think it's half bad. I figured out how to layer it without it looking chopped. I have to say - both boys are much cuter today than they were yesterday. ;)

8. I've got 23 entries for my giveaway so far. Do I even need to tell you how happy this makes me? I love how you all humor me. You're the best. And I would say to spread the word, but I never do that if I enter a giveaway that I really want to win. Are you kidding me? Purposefully lower my chances to win? Yeah right. So I don't blame you.

9. I interviewed Quinn the other day and recorded it. It's pretty cute. After I was finished I let him interview me, and I thought he would ask me all the same questions, but he came up with a few of his own. My favorites: "Do you like peanut butter?" and "Where is your favorite place to sleep?"

10. Yesterday I was getting ready to use the bathroom when Quinn ran in and said, "I gotta pee!!" I said, "Well you better hurry up, 'cause I gotta go too." He thought about that for a minute and then said, "You wanna play swords??" Don't you love the things that our husbands teach our kids?

Happy Thursday! Time to change over the laundry. Woohoo for those coloreds! :)


OUR HOUSE said...

What a small world - I myself just discovered Laughing Cow's creamy swiss cheese = Heaven:)

K'Brina Colby said...

At the risk of sounding like a crazy stalker (which I am not). I tagged you on my blog.
I love your blog! You are cute and I love reading.
Now, I met you once. You live across the street from my grandma. And you live in my great aunt and uncles old house. (so I am not a crazy stalker person;)

MaryPosa said...

Oh and also. Laughing Cow cheese is the business. I heart it so much.

You have such great ideas, you know. I'm going to interview my kids.

emily said...

i too love cheese! and i really love that laughing cow cheese stuff... amazing.