Monday, March 8, 2010

it's true

This weekend was our final weekend of being sick together. Zach is back at work today and I miss him. Over the weekend I was able to finish Dan Brown's latest (and now Zach has started it), I made a pair of jammies for Quinn (the best yet), I washed every piece of clothing in the house (but didn't fold it), we went to church as a family for the first time in weeks, AND I took a nap for the first time in this whole ordeal. Is it bad to say that I'm really going to miss the past two weeks? Yes, it's bad. But just know that when I found out Zach had mono I literally cried for three hours straight imagining how awful and miserable life was going to be at our house. SELFISH!! I know! But then, even in the thick of every member of our family being sick one way or another, it wasn't that bad. We really enjoyed each other. And I know Heavenly Father blessed each one of us to be able to be happy despite it all. He made our burdens easier to carry. I'm going to look back on the past two weeks as a great blessing to our family. Thanks for all of your prayers. They definitely worked.

Here's the jammies I made for Quinn:

I would have rathered the pants be either brown or grey, not both. But I didn't have enough fabric of either one. Hence the brown shorts over grey pants look. I thought it would bother me, but now I kinda like it. And the shirt is absolutely perfect. For the pattern I followed this tutorial. It's really easy and I think I'll be making about a million more.

The shirt will definitely be carried over to every day wear. It's too cute to be exclusively sleepwear. My favorite thing about sewing for my kids is being able to use colors that you wouldn't normally see in kidswear. I love it. And, just so you know, Quinn totally posed for those pictures. Like, he held those exact poses until he heard the camera click. He's too cool.

One of my favorite things from the weekend was getting my anniversary gift from Zach. He ordered it a while ago but it just came on Friday. He ordered it from this seller on Etsy and he picked the saying from this song (Warning - my sister Erin cries buckets every time she hears this song. It's a good one). I think my man has pretty sweet taste.

I know that in picking that phrase for it he was saying that he is the luckiest, but I think it works both ways.

Here's to a new week and a mostly healthy family.


MaryPosa said...

Do you know what the inside of Blair's wedding ring says?


I'm glad y'all are feeling a little more awesome.

Danielle said...

You know, that is one of my favorite songs. Your family is awesome. All around. Way to go!

Megan Marie said...

love that song. love those PJs (especially the two-color mish-mash. i thought it was on purpose). very lovely. :)