Sunday, May 20, 2012

brown & grey

You want to know something really cool?  Ollie has one brown eye and one grey eye.  It's not very obvious and the only reason I know is because I'm his mom and I spend a pretty large portion of my day staring at him.  I doubt they will stay that way.  Our kids' eyes tend to take a while before they settle on a color.  Quinn was probably a year and a half before we were certain his eyes were brown.  And Max's.... I can't even tell you what color his are.  Maybe a grey-ish blue?  I'll make certain on that tomorrow. 

Anyways, I've been trying to catch the color difference in Oliver's eyes on camera for a while and I finally (kind of) got it in these pictures.  You can really see it in the top left picture. 

Dangit, he is so cute (even when he's crying).

(click to view it larger)

Even better - when I tried taking the first picture I didn't realize the camera was on the video setting and I got this instead:

We've watched it with the boys over and over again and we all die laughing every time.

Ollie is at the stage where he lunges forward every time he gets excited.  Which is often since someone looking at him is apparently the most exciting thing ever.  

But if you're holding him you better watch out - He's given me two fat lips and even made me see stars when he got me in the nose this week.   

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robin said...

my dad has two different color eyes, too! we have always thought it's the coolest thing.

oliver will be the center of attention forever. awesome!