Thursday, May 24, 2012

lost in translation

I've had all of the kids' clothes and my maternity clothes in random boxes (mostly diaper boxes) stashed up in our closet for years.  It's a hassle.  And I hated the boxes (too small, kept falling apart, didn't stay shut well enough...).  So I bought a bunch of containers that would hold everything the way I needed it to.  I was crazy excited to get everything out and sort through it.  I knew there would be a ton of stuff to get rid of (for instance,  I don't put my babies in jeans, so why do I have so many baby sized jeans?) and I've been in a spring cleaning type of mood lately so I knew it was going to be a party. ;)  Anyways, I pulled out all the boxes and had the new boxes ready along with my sharpie to label them.  The mess seriously filled the living room.  Zach walked in and said something to me and I said, "Exactly!  I can't wait!!"  And he looked at me funny and thought for a minute and then said, "No, I didn't say 'Order'.  I said 'Hoarder'."  How rude!!  

Although, I'll admit, there were a few times that I was going through things and thought, "Wow, that's really nice.  It's in brand new condition.  And it's Baby Gap.  I could sell that...."  And then I remembered an episode of Hoarders where everytime the organization specialist would try to throw something away or put it in a donate pile the home owner would say, "No!  I'm gonna sell that!"  That helped.  Seriously, sometimes I watch that show just to give me the motivation to clean the heck out of my house. 
Anyways, I'm excited about my new containers.  That's all.  Ciao. 


jen said...

i share your love of organization and things to put everything in neatly. :) Jon was content for years to have boxes barely held together with tape but I decided that in order to have proper storage that i could actually access, I would be buying bins nearly identical to yours. I love it. The attic is super organized, I always know where everything is. I just need a few more once we finish renovations and I finally unpack. :)

Jill said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who gets super excited about organizing stuff! :)

getinandgo said...

The only reason I watch Hoarders is to get me in the cleaning mood. It works EVERY time.