Friday, February 4, 2011

[guilty] pleasures

I got a blog award from my friend Hailey (there's a funny story behind our relationship, but that's for another day), and as part of it I have to share four of my guilty pleasures. Geez, how am I ever going to come up with FOUR? No wait, what I mean is, how am I ever going to narrow it down to just FOUR?? (that picture is making me hungry) Let's get started.
Current guilty pleasures:

1) Playing Wii Frisbee Golf in the middle of the day (or the middle of the night) all by myself. It's by far my favorite game on Wii Resorts. And I even got Zach in on it. We've stopped watching shows on Netflix (we haven't even sent Despicable Me back yet!! We've had it for weeks!) and instead we compete against each other in Frisbee Golf every night. And here's the guilty pleasure part - Last night we went to the temple and then hung out with our friends and didn't get home till 10:30, put the boys in bed, cleaned up the house, and Zach went to bed at 11:30.... and I stayed up by myself and played two rounds. It was awesome. Awesome.

2) Trips to DI. I've actually been holding back big time, avoiding going into town at all (it's in the town 20 minutes from here), because I know I'll find a whole load of things that I'm sure I "need". It's hard because last time I was there I found a pair of pants from Delia's that fit perfectly, a cardigan I wear all the time, and a vintage pencil skirt that I wear every chance I get. So I'm still on that high, assuming that next time I go I'll find a ton more things that I love. I think about going every day. But I'm not letting myself. I'm waiting till we get our tax return, and then leaving the boys with a babysitter while I spend a few hours blissfully sifting through other peoples unwanted junk. I can hardly wait.

3) Letting the boys tear the house apart and eat cups of dry cereal while I lounge in bed reading. I just finished the book Matched and loved it. Now I'm heading into The Poisonwood Bible, and thankfully it's taking me some time to get into it. Still, I've got some serious vacumming to catch up on.

4) This dang screen. I tell myself every morning that "today is going to be a good day!! I'm going to be productive! I'm going to spend less time in front of the computer and MORE time playing and cooking and cleaning and sewing and everything else!!" But I will be the first to admit - I'm a slave to the computer. It is a pleasure that I for sure feel guilty about.

Sooo...... I have to admit that that wasn't quite as fun as I imagined it being..... Especially that last one. Now I just feel lazy..... and a little neglectful. BUT, I don't do those things every day. In fact, I haven't been to DI since BEFORE Christmas. And I haven't read for a couple of days. And (AND!) I washed diapers yesterday, and hung them to dry late last night, so today is automatically productive. K, I feel better now. But I'm seriously going to go clean the heck out of this house now (with a little help from my Neil Diamond station on Pandora. I highly recommend it). K, I'm outta here.

p.s. I'm supposed to share the award with 6 other bloggers, but I'm not feeling that generous today (in fact, I'm going to make 3 loaves of bread today, and I'm not going to take any of them to any of my friends), so I'm just going let you all know that I'll be looking forward to your guilty pleasures lists either on your blogs, or in the comments section. Do it.

p.s.s. Another assignment for you - Tell me how you'd feel about me doing a giveaway that included something that I made that you could wear? (dangit, maybe I am feeling a little generous....)


miss dawn said...

(this is me cutting to the chase)
I love your stuff and I think you are absolutely creative. . . just sayin (:

Guilty Pleasures:
1. peanut butter on EVERYTHING!
2. editing pictures instead of doing homework
3. going to a study session because the guy that I sit by is cute.
4. living next to the bus stop and watching those who aren't as lucky as me stand in the freezing cold while awaiting their bus.

Angela said...

1. Computer. Big time. I have to set boundaries for myself. Facebook. And I love checking my google reader every day.

2. Sugar. Sugar, sugar, sugar. It's in everything, and I pretty much love everything it is in. And it quickens my pulse and makes me feel alive. But it also makes me weak and sickly and fat. But oh, it tastes so sweet going down.

3. Playing sudoku on my phone while I am "going to the bathroom," which I am really only doing part of the time I am in there.

4. Reading books like Harry Potter. And Twilight. I don't feel bad about reading enriching books, but I feel a little guilty reading books like those.

Hailey said...

Oh gosh, we get addicted to Wii games too. Our latest one has been Mario Kart. Yes, we've owned it for a couple of years, but we got it back out and are hooked. :)

Kristine Pratt said...

Loved reading about your guilty pleasures. My biggest is also definitely SUGAR. Seriously, the first thing I think about after dinner is "what's for dessert?" I wish I didn't crave it so much, I should go on a cleanse!!!