Tuesday, February 1, 2011


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Gordita Supreme Court
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This is amazing. And hilarious. And disgusting. And disturbing. And yet still made me crave a big, nasty Burrito Supreme. And maybe a Meximelt. Dangit.

(Mmmmm, and a Mexican Pizza....)


OUR HOUSE said...

I never cared when people tried to tell me what was in hotdogs or chicken nuggets, so why would this deter me from having a crunch wrap supreme? It's disgustingly delicious:)

Janalee said...

I'm just throwing this out there. Taco Bell for lunch! I love me some Silicon Dioxide! And who doesn't need an Anti-Dusting Agent? I wish I had one at home!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. I love Colbert.

Jill said...

Mmmmmm.... Beefesque!

aswigfromthesiggs said...

Ha ha, this makes me happy. Happy because I have only been to a Taco Bell like twice in my life. The kid I was a nanny for always wanted to go and I would tell him they don't use real meat. This confirms that in a way only Colbert could :)

MaryPosa said...

Mmmmm.... sand.