Saturday, October 23, 2010

be calm.

Zach came home late from work the other day and as soon as he walked in the door he said, "I have a good reason!!! Just wait for it!! You'll be glad!! Just wait!......" And went straight to the computer and pulled up this song for me. As soon as I heard it I smiled and looked up and said, "The Format got back together." (The Format is a band my sweet friend Mary (you know her. we're buying her a camera) introduced us to - figuratively and literally - that I've been in love with for the past 6 years) No, they didn't get back together. But the singer started a new band. And this first song is CRAZY AMAZING. As Mary said, it's best listened to with headphones and you can't help but dance. But I don't know how to dance to this song!! I just have the intense urge to march! Anyways, it's beautiful and it's what we're listening to today:

2:56 gives me chills.

Also - This band has been together ever since The Format broke up. But nobody told me. Thanks a lot WORLD.

But, better late than never.


Kristine Pratt said...

Paul and I are fans. In fact playing this brought Paul away from football. He said, "what is that?" and came to see what I was listening to!

Chelsea Marie said...

I just saw them in concert in May!! They were good!! I loved it!