Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween by team cowan

For weeks Quinn has been telling us that he wanted to be a ghost for Halloween. And I've been stressing over how to make him a ghost costume that he could walk in and that wouldn't make him look like a member of the Klan. Then we had one of his friends over and we asked him what he was going to be for Halloween. He said, "A BIG SCARY SPIDER!" Of course. So then I asked Quinn what he wanted to be, expecting either the regular "A ghost!" or, the predictable, "A BIG SCARY SPIDER." But no, instead he said (and imagine the most sickeningly cute little voice) "I want to be a cute little pumpkin like Lumpkin!" See Lumpkin:

Gross. I REALLY didn't want to make a "cute" pumpkin costume for my 4 year old. But he kept persisting on this Lumpkin thing. So at the last minute (actually, the day before our ward Halloween party) I told him we were all going to dress up together and he was going to be a robot named "THE TIN MAN". Then I showed him some clips from The Wizard of Oz and he was totally sold. So he was the Tin Man, Max was The Cowardly Lion, Zach was The Scarecrow, and I was Dorothy. And no, I didn't get any pictures of all of us together. Haven't I told you? Zach hates taking pictures. Hates it. And I hate asking him to and then always remembering every time I look at the picture, that moments before the picture was taken he was probably rolling his eyes at me. (End tangent...)

Anyways, here's the boys as we were pulling out of the driveway:

Here's Max fulfilling his roll as The COWARDLY Lion. He bawled for about 5 minutes after we put the costume on him. Also, a shot of the Katie version of "ruby slippers":

And here's me after the party. We can thank Quinn for this excellent picture. Yes, I sewed the "dress" (more like a glorified apron), and no, it wasn't flattering at all:

Now skipping ahead to Saturday night. I wasn't feeling up to doing the whole Wizard of Oz thing again (remember - not flattering. Also, I had taken Zach's scarescrow shirt and made it my own, see here), so we all just kind of did our own thing. Quinn still wanted to be The Tin Man and truly embraced it. For Max we put on his bat costume that was given to us. Seriously, cutest bat ever. Here they are at the third door we went to, but first that openned. It was sad for a few minutes there when we went to two houses and got NOTHING! Max was probably confused at this point as to what exactly we were doing:

Zach went as a teenager. I spent the whole morning turning a pair of his old jeans into skinny jeans. They were nearly impossible to walk in, and yet he still wore them all day long. He kept telling me all day that aside from not being able to lift his knees hardly at all, he really didn't mind them all that much. So what do you think, should I get Zach some skinny jeans for Christmas?? Do you think he would be the only seminary teacher in history to wear skinny jeans? Oh, I also painted his fingernails grey. I didn't put eyeliner on him because then he would think I had ulterior motives in dressing him up. We all know how I've got a weak spot for guys in eyeliner. At this point I'm wishing I had.

I went back and forth all day over what I was going to be. Right before it was time to head out trick or treating I went into the bathroom with all of our facepaint (we've got quite the collection you know) telling Zach I was going to turn myself into a man and then dress as a woman, thus going as a woman dressed like a man dressed like a woman. I think he found that funny. So he was entirely confused when I came out like this:

What? I felt like putting a glittery butterfly on my face. Isn't that funny?? I'm funny. Don't you think that's funny?? Ugh, nobody gets me. I liked it. And Zach appreciated it after a few minutes. I think he liked the fact that other people were confused when they saw me dressed totally normal with a giant butterfly on my face:

After about an hour of trick or treating the boys were asking to go back home. Perfect. We were back home by 7:00 where we chilled out for a bit and ate some candy. Max really knows how to kick back and relax:

We had the boys in bed by 8:30, just in time for Zach and I to feast on this:

Mmmmmm...... I love Halloween.
And I'm glad the candy is almost gone.


Sonja von Franck said...

Love the makeup Katie! And the kids' costumes as well. Chris and I had to dress up for a costume party. He has doctor scrubs so I thought it would be funny if I went as an overdue pregnant patient with baby doll parts sticking out of my belly. He didn't like the idea. So I went as "Pregnant Dorothy". I know what you mean about it being unflattering. You couldn't even tell I was pregnant - so I just looked like "Fat Dorothy"! Oh well! Cute post!!

Tiffany-Joy Mo said...

I get you Katie! YOu did an awesome job on your glittery butterfly!