Wednesday, February 10, 2010

yoda and mustaches

What do you do when papa is sick in bed (first sick day in three years) and mama is sleepy from checking on him all night long? Let the house fall apart and make a Yoda doll. And wear mustaches. And eat lots of popcorn. And watch lots and lots of tv. So not really anything different from any other day.

I need a shower. But that doll is freaking awesome. Aside from his ears being a little large. Thanks to sister-in-law Mandi for coming up with the idea first. An inspiration, she is.


Michelle said...

Awesome mustaches!!!

Kelsie Dawn said...

All those little men rock out loud!
Love it! Nice work!
Hope Bro Cow feels better

BRITTANY said...

Love the mustaches...and the Yoda doll is, well you said it best, freaking awesome.