Friday, February 12, 2010

little letters

I'm stealing this idea from my friend Mary, who stole it from rockstar diaries, which is my new favorite blog and yesterday I read it from beginning to end. It didn't make for a good day (productive/playing with children/feeling good about myself) but it is what it is. Anyways, so here's my list of little letters. And I apologize ahead of time for this not being the most upbeat post. We've had a rough week around here.

Dear sleep,
I really, really, really miss you. What scared you away? Is it our mattress that you hate? Is it the time I spend in front of the computer that makes you not want to come around? Let me know, cause I'll do what it takes to get you back.

Dear Quinn,
You have the best giggle in the world. It makes it hard to not tickle you all day long. And I'm working on finding ways to get you to laugh without tickling. Also, I'm sorry I spanked you today. I really am. But I was really upset when you dropped that Sit-N-Spin on Max's head.

Dear Max,
Most of the time you deserve whatever your brother dishes out. But we love you anyway. And I could ask you questions all day long just so I can hear your tiny voice say, "no."

Dear space heater on the back porch/laundry room,
You make laundry day(s) so much nicer. Seriously. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dear certain person on facebook,
I think you're a bully. And I think if you continue in the way you've been lately you're going to find yourself in a very unhappy place. You've taught me some excellent lessons on what not to do/say/type. Thanks for that.

Dear Mary, Angela, and Kristin,
I don't think you know each other, but you all live in Cedar, and you all make me feel very happy and lucky to call you friends.

Dear fingers,
You totally don't work today. Shape up.

Dear long hair,
I'm ready to have you again. But this time I'll do cute things with you rather than just having you long and boring. We can make it work this time. So if you could please grow about 16 inches by the time I wake up in the morning, that would be awesome. Thanks.

Dear sewing machine,
Your room is too messy for me to be inspired enough to use you. I miss you too. Hopefully next week we'll get together.

Dear Community, The Office, Modern Family, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Project Runway and 24,
You make me and Zachary really look forward to our evenings together. You also make us sound like total lame-os when I name you altogether like that.

Dear Team Sigg,
I realize that the biggest thing that makes me a lame-o is that I HAVEN'T EVEN SENT YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS YET. And the longer it takes me to finish one present, the more I feel like I need to add more presents to the box to make up for my lameness. Which is making for a vicious cycle, but hopefully for a pleasant surprise for you when I finally send it. Sorry. Truly.

Dear Zachary,
I'm sorry you're sick. I'm sorry I laughed at you last night when you whimpered because the cold pillow had touched your leg. But I love it when you talk in your sleep and accuse me of LYING TO THE GOVERNMENT. You make life so much more fun. I look forward to you coming home every day. And not just because you play with the boys. Because I've even looked forward to you coming home this week and going right to bed. See? I just like knowing you're here. Because I really like you. Deal with it.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha! Oh, Katie.

I'll have to meet this Mary and Kristen of yours sometime.

And the short hair is soo cute on you. But I feel the same way sometimes, especially how I was totally lame with long, limp hair and never appreciated it.