Wednesday, February 3, 2010

loving - revised

she & him
the ensign
clean clothes
our dishwasher
sunshine - finally
ingred michaelson
waking up before the boys
the layout of this silly little post
jane richmond's knitting patterns
that awesome little clock over there ->
looking forward to zachary coming home
my star lights that I don't think I'll ever take down
using olive oil as facial lotion for the past three weeks
half-broke horses - just finished it - couldn't put it down
feist - she can't dance, but she does anyways! - awesome
our patches blog - makes me laugh all day long - send pictures!
both boys gobbling up their bowls of "brown sugar oats" - aka: oatmeal
the anticipation of knowing that there's a new episode of lost that we get to watch tonight
getting to stay home with these little knuckleheads all day and do nothing but be with them.

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