Monday, February 1, 2010

my apologies

I don't know how to avoid the blogging rut. It happens. And the problem is that I've been too absorbed in reading everyone else's blogs to come up with my own creative things to write about. Sorry. Over the weekend I discovered a new sewing blog (MADE) and I wonder how I've lived so long without knowing about it. Why didn't anyone tell me????? And I see that today she's posted a tutorial on making a men's shirt into a little kid's shirt! So all of you who asked how to do it - there you go. Awesome. And I want a serger now.

And since I don't have anything fascinating to say, I'm going to copy someone else's idea from another blog that I recently discovered (thanks Mary - why haven't you told me about them yet???? why is everyone keeping their stalk-er-ific blogs a secret????). It's supposed to be a Christmas thing, but I think it's appropriate year round. Here's what I believe:

I believe that my husband works harder at being a good person than anyone I know.
I believe that I have many areas in my life where I could use some serious improvement.
I believe that I'm getting better.
I believe that God is kind.
I believe that if I don't eat after the boys go to bed, my body will get hungry and eat the fat I have hanging around my middle. And thighs. And everywhere else.
I believe that there are a few of my husband's male students lurking on this blog which makes the previous comment a little awkward.
I believe that if I read my scriptures and pray everyday I will be able to better control my temper.
I believe in doing my part to reduce, reuse and recycle.
I believe that a little dirt/dust never hurt anyone.
I believe in forever families.
I believe that the ability and desire to create is an attribute of and gift from our Eternal Father.
I believe that Jack Bauer makes my heart race as though I'm running a marathon.
I believe in natural childbirth.
I believe that when you comment on my blog, it totally makes my day.
I believe that this song is one of the happiest songs ever written.
I believe that Zach and I could spend all night watching music videos from the 90's on youtube.
I believe that is it time I go spend some time with that good, handsome man of mine.

Later ladies (and teenage boys....)


Shannon said...

you know what I believe that you are a beautiful person and you don't have to let your body eat any fat on your body. Loved the post.

MaryPosa said...

it's okay to get in a blogging rut... remember how i have a poetry blog that i haven't posted on since may of last year? And sorry I didn't alert you to team boo sooner. I have a tiny crush on her family i think.

I believe Katie Cowan is one of my favorite people ever
I believe that it is okay to dance in your kitchen
I believe in audio books
I believe that the love i have for my crazy monkey children is minuscule in comparison to the love Heavenly Father has for me, despite the fact that i too sometimes act like a monkey.
I believe that there is nothing greater than a long drive with Blair filled with discussions on literature, especially Ray Bradbury.
I believe that Katie Cowan is truly a blessing to me, and i adore her.

Dawn-Marie said...

Here is a crafy blog one of my friends has that I love-

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. And I like your friend's I believe list too. Hilarious. And I got another great DIY project idea from your MADE blog. (The bean wreaths :) So..... you read Decor8, don't you? Just didn't want to keep it a secret but I'm pretty sure I found it through one of your design blogs anyway. I like that one.

Krissy said...

lol You make me laugh.... You should check out some of my links on my blog - I have some fun creative websites you might be interested in. Although, truth be told, I really haven't done a whole lot of blog-reading or creating these days..... I'm in a rut too. lol The "never enough time in a day because homework takes up every ounce of energy I have and whatever energy I DON'T have left has to go to taking care of my kids, so I have no idea how I'm going to clean or pack up anything before I move in 6 weeks" rut. LOL