Monday, January 4, 2010


Our Christmas and New Year's holidays were perfect. There were caramel apples, cars, car rides, wiggle cars, cousins, new brothers, new babies, house sisters, snow, sunshine, movies, games, last minute shopping, silly faces, unpacking, packing again, (repeat), fabric stores, nanny and poppy, Star Wars, light sabers, Adventures In Babysitting, singing, sleeping, not sleeping, stuffy noses, new/old bedrooms, new music, new memories...... It was wonderful.

We've been home for a week and still haven't fully unpacked. Resolutions are much needed. Happy New Year all.
Team Cowan


Angela said...

1. You are a good photographer. I re-resolve to learn how to be a better picture-taker/save up my money for an awesome camera. I could stare at that first picture for an hour.

2. We got the same wiggle carts. One red, one blue. No way!

3. You chose the perfect shade of green for your living room.

4. Nice hair. Super cute.

Michelle said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome holiday! I love Max's expression in the last picture!

Team Cowan said...

Angela - I could also stare at that first picture for hours. Over the holidays my sister-in-law showed me how to use my camera so that I could focus on one thing and make everything else blurry. It was a dream come true. Seriously. You wouldn't believe how many pictures I took of those silly stars the other night. But I still have so much to learn in the ways of taking pictures. It's been a fun process.
And the wiggle cars belong to the granparents. But they are ridiculously fun. Zach is smiling so sincerely in that picture (RARE) because he just saw his brother crash on the other wiggle car. :)
Also, the picture of Max in the beanbag is at my brother's house (just in case those were the walls you were admiring). Check out the painted floors beyond the rug. Genius.

Angela said...

I soooo want to learn how to blur the background in pictures. I think our camera says it can do it (just an olympus camera from costco), but I tried to figure it out and failed. Over and out.