Thursday, January 7, 2010


Max has been refusing to let me lay him down to go to sleep at night. Usually we snuggle for a minute and then I lay him down and he's out. Cover him up with blankets, and don't hear from him again the rest of the night. Awesome. Quinn has been a pro at this for a while now. So on most occations, our children are excellent sleepers. But the past few nights Max has been testing the waters of independence. Last night we decided to let him figure it out (after trying to lay him down, leaving the room, coming back in for a few more snuggles, leaving the room, sending Zach in to try giving him more milk.........). But Max is a fighter. That kid has serious determination. And anger issues. When he's upset with us he makes this sound that we can only assume is the most vile of German swear words in rapid succession. Yeah. So that's what was going on in the boys room last night. We figured that after a few minutes of that we would hear Quinn start up too, but we didn't. What we did hear was Quinn try to open the door for just a second, and then nothing. (I say "try to open the door" because we have a lock on the outside of the door. Judge me all you want, but know that this is absolutely necessary. We can talk about that another time.) Anyways, Zach and I looked at each other preparing for what would come next. Was there going to be even worse crying from Max? Was Quinn going to try to play with the new humidifier and spill it everywhere?? Surely there would be some sort of crash any moment now. Something bad was bound to happen. But it didn't. And after five minutes Max totally stopped crying. Weird. We decided that whatever was going on couldn't be that bad if we didn't hear anything. And after a half hour of silence we knew they were both asleep. Finally (we had put them to bed at 8 and it was now 9:30).
So before I went to bed I decided I needed to go in and see what it was that had calmed Max down. Make sure things were well. Make sure both boys were cozy in their beds. This is what I found:

Two boys, one crib, eight blankets, one sleeping bag, one pillow, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Uhhhhh........................... Oh well???????

Yeah, I don't know how to fight that battle.

They're lucky they're cute.


The Quarnbergs said...

That is darling!!! Gotta love figuring out the sleeping patterns of kids!! Good luck, any new developments in solving the mystery, let me know!!!

MaryPosa said...

What is it with the second child and anger issues? i've told you about Astoria the thug i'm sure. The funny thing is that i have almost the exact opposite problem as you. Blair and I on most nights end up putting Elliot to sleep in one room and Astoria in another because if they are together, they will be playing the most violently rambunctious game of hide-and-seek in the blankets ever in about thirty seconds... and then not go to sleep for another hour because they are so wound up. That was nice of Quinn to snuggle with his little bro though. what a sweet kid. As always Katie, I love and miss you.

Mindy said...

So cute! I am having this same issue at the moment...when you figure it out let ME know because I can't seem to get it right! lol

Jill said...

What sweet angelic boys you have! Seriously though, that is cute. Quinn is so nice.

Anonymous said...

Man, your boys are cute. I always think that when I see pictures of them. And that Max really, really reminds me of my Beetsy boy. :) Nice boys.

Tiffany-Joy Mo said...

Whatever works right?
We had the same problem with Jacob for a couple weeks, eventually he must have just given up and goes down better than Tyler.