Tuesday, December 22, 2009


At dinner the other night we got onto the riveting subject of "boys and girls" and how I'm a girl, Papa's a boy, Quinn's a boy, Max is a boy.... So we were going around the table and saying who's what and all that fun stuff (don't act like you don't have conversations like this around the dinner table), when the topic took an interesting turn:

Quinn: "What's Papa?"

Papa: "I'm a boy."

Quinn: ".... No Papa..... You're Joseph."

Papa: ".... Ok..... Then who's Mama?"

Quinn: "Mama's Mary."

Mama: "Then who is Max?"

Quinn: "Max is baby Jesus."

Mama: "Then who are you?"

Quinn: "........ I'm Santa."

It doesn't get much better than that. Merry Christmas everyone.

Here's our favorite holiday song. We listen to it year round. But come on, can you blame me?? It's Brandon Flowers. Exactly.

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