Monday, November 2, 2009

they roared their terrible roars.

A few of you guessed what the boys were going as from my previous post with the pictures of Max in his wolf suit. Well done. Where The Wild Things Are was an easy inspiration for our costumes this year. You know, with Max being Max and all. It was a no brainer really. And really, it was completely unoriginal with the hype of the movie and all. Not my style exactly. But I knew the boys would look so dang cute I didn't care if there were hundreds of Maxs and Wild Things storming the streets around us (there weren't). Anyways, we had a fantastic day and when it came time to don our costumes Quinn could hardly contain his excitement. I was worried he would be burnt out from having to try it on over and over and over again when I was making it, but the idea of getting candy while wearing it? So worth it. Actually, he loved his costume. Especially once I made the tail. LOVED IT. That made for a VERY happy Mama. And I'm sure Max loved his costume since everywhere he went in it people crumbled and drooled over his cuteness and gave him cookies and suckers and chocolate. Like I said, it was a great night.

So here's the inspiration for the costumes:
(Oh, and I apologize for the terrible picture quality below. Our camera is on the fritz and has to be plugged in in order to work, so we had to take all the pictures inside at the computer desk. I may regret this the rest of my life. New camera SOON.)

And now, Let the wild rumpus start!


Max - Not altogether happy about touching.
Heading out for candy! I almost cried every time we got to a door and I got to stand back and see both boys standing there together with their costumes and little baskets. Cutest thing ever. I hate that I don't have a picture of it.
Now for the second half of our costumes.... Why do you think Max has such a confused look on his face??

"What the..."

Here's why:

This picture above is actually the first shot of the evening. I love it.

Yep. He's in long johns. One piece. He wanted to be Captain Agustus McCrae from Lonesome Dove. He wore that all night. Mind you, he was completely covered underneath. And I sewed a few spots closed so as to not "embarrass" (ha, no pun intended. Aren't I funny.) those around him. People's reactions were priceless. You don't exactly expect to see the seminary teacher walking around town in red, TIGHT long underwear. And that is why I have the awesomest husband ever. That's right, AWESOMEST.
And my costume was nothing special. I tried putting together an old west type of costume to go with Zach, but couldn't find anything I was happy with, so Zach told me to put on one of our many wigs and just feel pretty. So I did. I put on the blue wig, blue eye shadow, and blue clothes and I was the color blue. I know, lame. But I felt pretty, and oddly/disturbingly enough, that's all that matters.

So to wrap things up, here's Max after a night full of candy and parties:

That's one happy boy. Zach and I laughed and laughed when I pulled up this picture. Classic. A new favorite. Oh, and his costume might not survive whatever it takes to get the candy out. Oh well.
And here's the Mama and Papa happy that the night was a success:

The end.


Kristin, Scott, and Emily Mabb said...

AWESOMEST (love the new word) COSTUMES EVER!!! Great job, Katie!! :)

Jill said...

I love the costumes! Quinn looked like he was about to burst! Your right, that was the awesomest!

aswigfromthesiggs said...

Ha! Zach is a trip. Ben liked his costume. Your boys are ADORABLE! You did an amazing job on those costumes. What fun night, Max looks deliriously happy :)