Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm feeling a little crazy right now. I seem to have worked myself into a little bit of a rut. Here's the deal:

Max naps twice a day. First nap begins around 10am and ends sometime after 11. Second nap begins sometime after 2:30 and ends sometime after 3:30, if I'm lucky. In between those naps, when he's awake, he likes to spend his time holding on to my pant legs trying desperately to to climb up my body. If I sit down he's on top of me. Not wanting to be held, just wanting to climb and stop me from doing whatever I'm trying to do. If I walk away he's, as Zach calls him, "a broken boy," because I've apparently just ruined his life. What was I thinking? Leaving him there with a room full of toys?? How dare I. SO, you would think I would spend his naptime doing whatever I possibly can while he's not attached to me. Well, then comes the other problem. The kid is the lightest sleeper EVER. Don't sneeze in that half of the house while he's sleeping because it'll wake him up. Don't empty the dishwasher. Don't load the dishwasher. Definitely don't vacuum. Don't run the kitchen-aid. Don't shower. Don't let Quinn wear shoes... or laugh. Don't use the sewing machine. Don't talk on the phone...

You see what's going on here? I'm trapped. I don't do anything ALL DAY. I don't start dinner until Zach walks in the door. BECAUSE I CAN'T. I really don't know where my day goes at this point. Actually, I do. It's spent right here. Sitting in this chair. Staring at this screen. Trying to convince myself that whatever I'm doing (looking up recipes, getting ideas for projects and Christmas gifts, trying to learn SOMETHING...) is somewhat productive. It's not. It's sooooo totally not.

So what do I do? Suggestions? Any idea what I can do to make myself not feel like a total SLUG. Because that's about how I feel right now. This has been going on for about two weeks now. I've accomplished nothing. Besides making Halloween costumes. Which, in the end, just left my sewing area a complete wreck.

At this point I'm remembering the awesome nesting that took place right before Quinn and Max were born. Everything was spotless and I LOVED doing it. Every minute of it. There was nothing else I would rather be doing. And there was nothing stopping me. So there you have it. Right now I'm wishing I was 9 months pregnant so that I'd furiously clean this house top to bottom and not let anything stand in my way. Especially a 1 year old (that just woke up due to his brother's whining) or a 3 year old (that just pooped in his underpants and left them in the living room. It was gross.).

Anyone else feeling slugish? Any ideas on how to get the heck out of this rut? You're suggestions will be greatly welcomed.


p.s. I just made three loaves of pumpkin bread to deliver to friends and neighbors thinking that it would make me feel like I'm contributing somewhat to the lives of those around me. Turns out the recipe I followed? Nasty. Anybody want some pumpkin bread that leaves such an overpowering taste of nutmeg in your mouth you'll want to brush your teeth afterwards? I didn't think so.


Angela said...


I know. I know.

..........I know.

So, even with some white noise? ....Still?

If these words offer any comfort, just know that this phase will be over sooner than you think. The days drag on forEVER, but a few months fly by in no time. He won't need to constantly be within a 1-foot radius of you. That is a hard phase.

Also, don't EVEEEERRRR feel guilty for spending nap time just doing WHATEVER YOU WANT. The moments that you don't have to worry about doing something for someone else are precious few in this stage. Soak them up. Spend nap time perusing design sponge. Or reading. Or sewing. Or shopping online. Or napping. NOT: cooking or cleaning.

And one more thing: go outside. Do it! For 5 minutes! You won't feel like a slug anymore.


BRITTANY said...

Like Angela said...white noise??? We have an air filter and a fan that are both pretty loud, that way I still have to be quiet but I can at least get some stuff done..though I won't lie I usually just get on the computer or read when Ashlynn is napping. Yes, I am a nerd :) But when Ashlynn is awake she does the same thing, she pulls on my leg..or her new thing now is to grab my hand and pull while saying 'up.' Tonight I was reading a book and she came up to me and grabbed the book and said, "all done." Makes me feel like a bad mom because I don't give her my constant attention (I am sure you love that I am rambling on...) So what I have tried to do is just involve her in what ever I am doing...we have a backpack I can throw her in when I am trying to clean..or I give her an extra broom while I am trying to sweep..or let her throw the clothes in the laundry..or give her a spatula and a bowl while I am cooking. It takes a lot more time this way..but at least she is happy and I can get stuff done. Also I make sure I sit on the ground and devote all my attention to her (which then she doesn't want my attention, funny how that works:) Either way when I get really frustrated I just try and remember that before I know it she will be out of this phase and into the 'oh that crazy lady calling my name isn't my mother...I have never seen her in my life' phase. So I just take a deep breath and enjoy. :) Well I hope you enjoyed my novel...probably didn't help much...but Ashlynn's asleep so I have lots of time on my hands:)

BRITTANY said...

I also think my comment qualifies for the longest comment ever made on a blog! :) K I'll shut up now.

Our House said...

I just watched the Oprah show (why am I watching Oprah?) where she interviewed Patrick Swayze's wife. So when I read your post, the only thing that came into my head was, (sing it) "I'm having the time of my life," and that made me laugh....someday you will be able to laugh too. I agree with Angela, it's a phase, and before you know it he won't be so clingy anymore. My only advise is to endure - endure the moment, enure the day, the week, the month - Endure to the end. Because one day your house will be clean, and quiet, and full of beautiful things that you have made/crafted/sewn, and you'll be showered and well-rested. And then one day you'll be looking at old pictures, or going through a box of old toys or baby clothes, and you'll feel a little tug at your heart as you think fondly of the times when your "baby" Max was clinging to your leg. But for now, just endure.