Thursday, October 22, 2009


We went to the DI last night and stocked up on loads of waffle weave to be upcycled. :) I'm very much looking forward to this. We also scored on four white button-up short sleeved shirts in Zach's size for $3 each. This is awesome because, 1) He wears white shirts 6 days of the week, 2) He has to wear a suit coat while teaching, making it very warm, making the underarms of his shirts a little less than white (a problem we're actively combatting at the moment), 3) The last two new white shirts that we bought him cost us over $30 a piece! So $12 for four in perfect condition is, you know, a little better. We're feeling very blessed. We went at just the right time. I love when that happens.

Other things that we purchased to add to our upcycling projects are a leather purse for $1 that will be cut to serve as the soles of baby shoes (my next adventure), and this for $4:

It's that fuzzy wool that you see on the inside of coats and boots. It's super soft and warm and huge and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. Which is why I'm posting this. Any ideas? I was imagining a cozy baby snow suit type of thing for the coming Sigg baby (Mandi and Christian are expecting a little nugget in November). Or maybe the insides of some robeez style baby shoes? When I think about turning it into pants for the boys it just makes me laugh. They would be hilarious. But I think I'm wanting it to be something more functional rather than a point and laugh kind of thing. :) Although I may need it for pants for Quinn's halloween costume... Anyways, I'm open to suggestions. I may even just turn it into something cozy for me. :)

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Jill said...

What about a hat? You know, the kind with the ear flaps with some cool tassels hanging from them? Just a thought.