Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We're feeling better. But it's been so nice just staying in, keeping warm and cozy, not being obligated to go anywhere.... But, life goes on. There are other things besides just surviving that are important too I suppose. Things to do, people to visit, primary programs to put on... Sunday at 12pm you're going to hear a big fat sigh of relief from me.

But enough about that.

Here are some things on my mind recently:

Value quilting. I love how it plays tricks on your eyes.

Halloween costumes. Last night I had a very grown up moment. I was sitting beside Zach on the couch, we were watching "Lonesome Dove," and I was stitching ears on a halloween costume for one of our boys. Isn't that a cozy image?

I need to go back to DI and get some more long sleeved shirts to upcycle. :)

We're potty training Quinn. . . . Yeah.

I've found that if I take time to read my scriptures every day I don't feel overwhelmed, angry, trapped, or like putting my head through a wall. Imagine that!

Zach just called me from work with his entire 4th hour class on speaker phone. He had told them about our awesome first date and none of them believed him. So they made me retell it from my point of view. It was magical. Despite me telling him from the very beginning that the boy I was going to marry was on his mission. To that Zach replied, "That's only because you don't know me yet." Confidence is an amazing thing.

Now here are some seriously sweet pictures of the boys this morning. All four of them:

And a little preview of our halloween plans:

Making mischief of one kind and another....


Angela said...

Does Max get to wear a wolf suit?! So perfect. :)

That's awesome what Zach said on your first date. What girl wouldn't have fallen for that line?

And those are awesome pictures.

Do you wonder why Beth has suddenly started using the word "awesome?" "Mom, am I doing an AWESOME job coloring this picture?"

I want to be like you. I want to sew wolf ears on a costume while we watch Lonesome Dove. I want to take cool pictures. I want to paint a hanging cabinet from a yard sale bright yellow. Seriously. You don't know how many times I have dreamed of doing that very thing. I want green, waffle-weave pajamas for my little boy. And I want to think of things like yellow kitchens with blueberry counter tops. Will you tutor me in the art of being (once again) awesome???

Michelle said...

I am glad to hear you have all recovered and it looks like the Halloween costumes will be awesome! I love the reflection pictures, very sweet!

Our House said...

I really like that quilt pattern. One of these days, when I actually have time (when IS that going to happen?), I'm going to get really into quilting. Love the pictures of the boys! And most important of all, I NEVER heard your first date story - please do share.

aswigfromthesiggs said...

Oh, I can't wait to see all of Max's costume! He is a wild thing. What is Quinn going as?