Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Raise your hand if you want to stay in your warm house the rest of the season. Not because you're a grump and you're sick of going out, but because it's just so, so nice to stay in. To hear the heater kick on, keep the lights low, let the kids lounge around in jammies all day, bake delicious treats, fold warm laundry, and dream of sewing something cozy and colorful to wrap up in. Speaking of dreaming (and wrapping up I guess), I couldn't go to sleep last night because I was so wrapped up in Christmas ideas. Presents. Wood and fabric mainly. Art. Clothes. I've got a lot to do. And I'm so excited.

Another reason I couldn't sleep last night was because Max was waking up every hour or so. I'm tired.

Then today I woke up with a fat lip due to a skin infection that I'd been thinking was just the meanest zit ever for the past three days. It's ok though. Antibiotics. And while I was at the pharmacy I went ahead and used some flex spending to stock up on children's and baby's tylenol and ibuprofen, and albuteral for Quinn's nebulizer. Be prepared.
Also while I was visiting with the doctor we talked about the h1n1 shot for the boys. Quinn has asthma (just like Papa) so he would be considered one of those at super high risk of having a really bad time if he were to catch this swine flu. And I guess it would be a good idea to have Maxwell get it too. What do you guys think of all the hype over this whole thing? For us, we don't even get the regular flu shot. Just never have. So I feel nervous when everyone is saying we HAVE to get the swine flu vaccine. I guess I'm going to take them in to get it. At this point though, I don't even want to take them out of the house. Can't we just stay home and wait it out? No, I know. I know!
Enough of that.
Our boys have been growing up over the past few weeks. It's been very exciting around here. First up - Just when I was ready to completely give up and never mention using the potty to Quinn ever again, with the realization that I could eventually be changing a 6 year old's diapers, I got a letter from my friend Maurine that had the exact information that I needed to give me confidence to move forward. She said that kids needed two things to become potty trained. 1) They need to know how. 2) They need the motivation - either a reward when they do good, or a punishment when they do bad. Whatever your kid responds to. So last Tuesday we declared no more diapers for Quinn (except at bedtime). We bought him a toy and put it in the windowsill in the bathroom, explaing that he could have it once he pooped on the potty. Then we simply said "If you need to tinkle or poop, just go sit on the potty." The first day he peed in his pants four times. I wasn't feeling very optimistic. He's had three accidents since, with no accidents since Friday. DID YOU READ WHAT I JUST SAID??? Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and today - NO ACCIDENTS. And he just goes all by himself. Just gets up and goes in the bathroom without me telling him or anything. I honestly didn't see this happening in my lifetime. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. And now, it seems as though we're completely out of the tunnel. After a week. Wow.
Here's the little potty pooper in his latest Mama created jammies. Doesn't he look like a champ?
The next exciting growth for this week is Quinn learning how to use the mouse on the computer all by himself. Now he can play Starfall all by himself. If you haven't discovered Starfall yet, you're welcome. I give all the credit of Quinn knowing his ABC's to Starfall. And wow, Maurine is also the one who told me about Starfall. Maurine, you've changed my life two fold this week.

Look at the finger. Ready to click. Can you tell how proud of himself he is?
More growing up: The boys fighting over a chair. I think fighting is a very grown up thing to do.

They're both screaming in this picture.

And last, Max has decided he wants to feed himself from now on. He's actually really good with a spoon. With the occational missed-my-mouth-and-hit-my-forehead episode. It happens:

And then sometimes it gets to the point where a spoon just ain't cuttin' it anymore:

That's all for now.


Beck n' Ben said...

Love it Love it Love it.

No H1N1 shot for me, no regular flu shot either. I got that once and a month later I was in the hospital with some unknown disease they couldn't fix. Later to be diagnosed as Lupus. Sure they may not be related, but I'm not going near it.

If I had kids though, I just don't know what I would do. Probably what you are doing. It is just that much harder to keep kids from getting it. Wash your hands, don't eat or put your hands in your mouth without washing them, etc... forget about it to a 2 year old, or 3 year old, or even a 10 year old!

Jill said...

Yay for a potty trained boy! The H1N1 shot is a hard one to call, but none of us are getting it.

Our House said...

We never get the flu shot, and we never get the flu - except for Joe, who HAS to get the shot every year, and he never gets the flu either. I'm necessarily "against" getting it (it's mostly just laziness) but I have to admit that way deep down inside, there is a little itty-bitty part of me that thinks that if I get the flu shot, then I will definitely get the flu -the rest of me doesn't beleive that though:) Oh, and my hand is raised really high.

maurine said...

Hey Katie, I am sitting here, laughing over two months after you posted this, because I sent you this ENORMOUS message, and then I never heard anything back, so I thought, that you must have thought that I was crazy. It's nice to see that you didn't and that everything has been going smoothly, and hopefully it still all is. I just can't bare to see a mother struggling with potty training. It ruins lives people. And apparently, I need to check your blog more often.