Thursday, November 1, 2012


Here's a quick rundown of Halloween:

Quinn was "Starscream" from Transformers Prime, and this is what almost an entire roll of duct tape looks like:

Before I started on the costume it dawned on me that he might have ulterior motives in wanting to be a Transformer for Halloween, so we sat down and had a little talk: "Quinn, you understand that when you're dressed up as Starscream you're not actually going to be able to transform into a plane, right?"  "Why not???"  Yeah, I consider it a tender mercy that I had the inspiration to have that conversation before making the costume.  I can just imagine if he had put it on and then been disappointed when it didn't transform.  This is how he wore it for school, but for trick-or-treating it also had wings. 

Max wouldn't give us a clear answer on what he wanted to be for Halloween.  Most times when we asked him he would just say, "I don't like clowns...."  Then last week he settled on being a bird, and luckily didn't budge after that.  And I got the opportunity to sew a completely ridiculous bird costume.  Really, it was like a treat for me.  He happened to be running around the house in his underwear when I finally finished the costume and I was lucky enough to get this beauty of a shot (Max is a genius of posing):

Max hates (hates) walking, so for trick-or-treating Zach wore all brown and carried Max on his shoulders and called himself a bird's nest.  Clever.  And a good thing bird poop isn't brown.
Here he is before we left for preschool - another great pose:

This is a shot of the wings before I sewed them all together.  I wanted to make sure I had a good idea of how I was putting them on, so I put them all on, took a picture, and then took them off row by row and sewed them on, row by row.  I'm a sucker for punishment.  But it sure turned out awesome.  Oh, and just so you know, I didn't cut out a single triangle.  My sister found them in a ziplock bag in her attic 12+ years ago and I've been holding onto them, knowing there was something great in store for them. ;)

I'll post pictures of Ollie in his costume later, but this is one of my favorite pictures from the evening - We had a bunch of teenagers show up at our house, three of which were boys dressed as superheros that I think came for the sole purpose of wearing our boys out before bed.  It was awesome. The one dressed as Robin put his gloves on Ollie and while everyone in the room was having a good laugh over it (except for the one on the couch being pummeled by Quinn and Max) Ollie gave him this look:

Not amused.

This is the greatest picture of the night - the stand-off between Quinn and Max and the Superboys (and Oliver).  Seriously, they could have played with these guys all. night. long.  Next time I'm looking for babysitters, I know who to call:


jen said...

I think Halloween recaps are my absolute favorite blog posts. I love seeing the creative costumes, the kids excited to be allowed to wear costumes to school and in public. Your boys look great. I am seriously in awe of the bird costume. I want some wings like that.

Janalee said...

I tried earlier to post a comment, so I hope you didn't get two from me...

I just think you are amazing. I can't believe how much Quinn's costume actually LOOKS like a Transformer! How did you do that? I mean, I can't even look at them and know they are fully transformed? What I'm saying is, GREAT JOB. And Max. I love that boy. Love that he doesn't like clowns and the faces in his photos. Ollie's arms....HAHAHA Genius. Love the costumes. I want to see yours too!

James said...

AMAZING costumes!!!!!!!

James said...

Oops, that was me, Angela.

robin said...

your costumes are amazing! homemade beats all. and what luck with all those pre-cut triangles!

and those teenage boys? wow.