Friday, April 27, 2012

little letters

Dear D.I.,
That silk wrap skirt that you mistook for a scarf and thus marked it at $1 is one of the best things you've ever done for me (in addition to the $4 baby carrier you thought was a back pack).  I thank you for that wonderful accident.  I also thank you for the yards and yards of different types of striped jersey fabric that I bought for $7.  As my Grandpa always said in times like this:  The Lord will provide. ;)

Dear Oliver,

I am, as you're well aware, intensely in love with you.  However, waking up to eat three times between 1am (which is when I foolishly went to bed) and 6am is not something that breeds love in a mother.  Let's try this "sleeping through the night" thing that I keep hearing about.

Dear Maxwell,

You, boy, make me laugh.  The other day, when I made you a new pair of underwear (which I'm sure is surprising to no one that I'm now sewing my kids' underwear) and you told me that you would never pee in them or poop in them because you loved them so much and wanted to wear them forever was a very nice thing for this mama to hear.  If that is the case then I will sew you all new underwear.  Because I'm done with the peeing and the pooping in your underwear.

Dear Quinn,

I love your imagination.  I love your independence.  I love your ingenuity and creativity.  But I do not love the whining.  Let's stop that.  And last night when you came out of your room (after we thought you had been sleeping for over an hour) - you told me that you couldn't fall asleep, so I went in to help tuck you back in bed and discovered that you had taken down the board* out of the window so that the neighbor's garage light was shining in the room, you spread all of your blankets on the floor, lined them with books and toys (which you dumped off of the shelves), and turned the sound machine/clock so that it was shining right in your face.  And you wonder why you couldn't fall asleep??  Really??

Dear Quinn & Max,

Do you really have to say "Chugga, chugga, poop, poop!"  (like a train) over and over and over again?
Oh, Quinn, good one:  Now you're singing it to the tune of the Oompa Loompa song:  "Chugga, chugga, poop-a-dee poop. I've got a chugga poop-a-dee poop...."

Dear Me,
Telling the boys yesterday that their cousins were coming to play today was a ROOKIE MISTAKE.  Spending the day having to explain that, no, they're not going to be here soon; no, they haven't even left their house yet;  yes, it'll still be a long time before they get here; please stop whining (this all started at 7:30 this morning.  the cousins arrived at 6:30 this evening).... every ten minutes all. day. long. was not exactly fun.  

Dear 6 Candy Machines That I Bought Recently,

I hope you make me some money eventually.  That would be really, really cool.

Dear Zachary,
This week has been a little funny.  I'm sorry for my recent obsession with the new machine in the house (see next letter).  But I also love that you love me despite this recent obsession (and even more, that you encourage it).  This machine wouldn't even be in the house if not for your encouragement.  Do you know how hot that is? Also, I'm glad that you've found a new BBC show that you can enjoy while I work away in my sewing room.  It makes me feel just a little less guilty.

Dear Bernina Activa 230,

I don't think I can put into words the emotion that comes over me when I think about how long I've waited for you, and that you're mine now.  I didn't realize how amazing you would be.  And yes, every time I talk about you to someone I get tears in my eyes.  Is that normal?  Thank you for being wonderful.


*The boys can't sleep if the room isn't pitch black, so we bought a big board of insulation, cut it to size just right, and I sewed a cover for it to make it not such an eye sore.  We push it into the window every night at bedtime and it makes the room black (excellent in the summertime when they're going to bed when it's still light out).  It also keeps the room warmer in the winter and sound proofs the window.  I highly recommend this technique.


jen said...

Dear Katie,

I love your letters. I love your blog. I love stories about your kids. The next time you are in NC, please come visit me and I will take you to lunch.


Hailey @ Me and My Boys said...

Okay, several comments:
- Max's outfit cracks me up.
- I think Quinn is looking a lot like Zach lately.
- I love jersey. It's cheap, stylish, and comfortable. Like wearing pj's but not really. What a great deal!
- I understand the teary eyes over a machine. If I can cry over a new lens, then you can certainly cry over a new sewing machine. :)
- I would like to eat Oliver with a spoon.

Jill said...

I love the face Max is making in that picture of him and Quinn on the front porch! :)

Emma said...

This post has to be one of my favorites :). And I have tears in my eyes just looking at Bernina- she is marvelous to behold.
ps- I will never watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the same again when those Oompa Loompas start singing..... LOL!

OUR HOUSE said...

Dear Max, way to take the Oompa Loompa's to the next level. We're singing it around here now - it's just so catchy;)

aswigfromthesiggs said...

I have so many things to say about this post, first Oliver. Could he BE and CUTER!!!? I just want to snuggle him.

And that Maxwell, I just don't have words to describe how awesome that face is that he is making in the photo with Quinn on the porch.

Then the candy, fine choice, who doesn't love candy? And it about time you start making money off those seminary students who randomly show up at your house.

Sweet Bernina, you deserve it!