Monday, February 6, 2012

6. dinner

The boys' barely eaten dinner. And Ollie's baby sock monkey.

Chicken Divan and a big salad with mushrooms, avocado, red bell pepper, craisins, croutons, and feta. It was goooooood.

And please note that every time I make Chicken Divan I want to yell at myself, "You're better than this casserole!!" But dangit, sometimes I just can't resist. I suppose if I only open a can of cream of mushroom once every few months, it's not really doing that much harm. Except that I'll most likely be eating the leftovers for breakfast. And lunch. For the next few days....


jen said...

what is chicken divan? and yeah, that salad sounds crazy good.

Lanae said...

I think the same thing about my stroganoff. I keep messing around with different ingredients to try and make it taste ok without the mushroom soup. btw your ck divan is yummy, I remember.