Sunday, February 5, 2012

5. 10am

Just about to get the boys ready for church.
(No, Zach didn't wear a Red Sox jacket to church)

My thoughts: "Okay Max, how are you going to react to getting ready for church today? Is it going to be a fight? Should I get Quinn dressed first? Should we make it a race? Are you going to let me put your new tie on you, or are you going to shut down and tell me you hate it like everything else I make for you?" (he wore it! and there was only a smidge of a fight;)

I love seeing our boys dressed for church in their mismatched, second-hand duds. And I love not being pregnant anymore and getting myself dressed for church (hallelujah). I let the boys pick what color tights I wear on most Sundays. Today they picked purple. ;)
Oh, and so far, I love 11 o'clock church.

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jen said...

i like your green skirt and i love that you let the boys pick out your tights. a fun mom. :)