Wednesday, November 16, 2011

what life is like now

I started trying to type up Oliver's birth story. I want to. I really do. It's just so dang hard to do. It's like blogging after vacation. I simply can't bring myself to do it. But I will. I promise I will.

This is why I can't ever have a real job. Because once something turns into a responsibility with somewhat of a deadline and an expectation, I avoid it at all cost. It's definitely a problem.

And since there's really not much else to talk about (other than how often I get pooped on, peed on, and spit up on...) here's what you're really after - an extreme excess of pictures. These pictures make me so happy I can hardly stand it. I love it when I can capture the boys personalities so perfectly in pictures. And these are pretty perfect. You're welcome.


Angela said...

Cute! Love the feet shots. I have a thing with feet. A love/hate thing. Only love in this case.

robin said...

these pictures made me smile! what a bunch of cute boys you have there. killer.