Thursday, September 29, 2011


I took some pictures of me and my big belly last night. I had to do it by myself because whenever Zach takes pictures of me I tend to gain 20 pounds. And an ugly face. So I don't let him take pictures of me anymore. And as much as I feel like a huge nerd whenever I take and post pictures of myself, I knew I needed to do it. My family keeps asking to see proof of my hugeness. And who doesn't love a good belly shot? Plus, it's always fun to play with pictures on picnik.

So here's me at midnight last night, trying to decide whether to go to bed (if I'm about to burst, I should sleep as much as possible) or clean the house (if I'm about to burst I want to have a clean house). And yes, I am also pregnant in my face and arms. And my ankles being cropped out of the picture was totally intentional.

I've got two weeks left. Anyone want to guess how long I'll last? Things to consider:

-I've already packed up my make-up, shampoo and hair stuff for the hospital.

-the baby's area in our room is ready with all the clothes and blankets folded and put away.

-the porta-crib is set up.

-all of the laundry in the house is clean.

-On Monday I stayed up till 3 am sewing a quilt for the little nugget.

-yesterday I wiped off the tops of all of our door frames.

-and today I sorted all of our tupperware containers, simply for the fun of it.

Nesting is a beautiful thing.


Hailey @ "Me & My Boys" said...

That happens to me too when Brad has the camera. I don't know what it is. Glad you took this though. I love maternity shots. And honestly, you really do look all belly here.
My prediction... hmm... gonna say 10 days. Ten's a nice even number. :)

ps. LOVE that back door!! And your floors look awesome.

Kristine Pratt said...

The funny thing is, baby bellies are ALWAYS cute on other people, but we never think they are cute on ourselves! Loved seeing your cute belly!!! I am also a fan of nesting, love being in the mood to organize and clean. Can't wait to see pictures of the new little Cowan soon :)

jen said...

this is a great picture - I love that it's taken at midnight. :) Your nesting sounds like a regular day around here - who doesn't love organizing tupperware?? ha ha. I'm going to say baby #3 will come in 5 days past your due date because you're way too prepared and babies like to make an entrance when no one is expecting it. :)

miss dawn said...

I love this picture! It makes me really happy!
I miss you so much and I hope everything is going great- I hope all the little misters are doing well!

You are a great example to me, and you are an amazing mother to your boys! Thank you!

Mandi said...

Maybe you better start nesting with a paint brush in hand. You look awesome...that door in the background....?