Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my three sons

One month to go.

Starting to freak out a little bit.

Knowing exactly what to expect in terms of natural labor does not make the idea of it any easier. My mantra? "I can do anything for a little while. It won't last forever. And once it's over, it's over. I can do anything for a little while."

The idea of Zach being there this time makes it MUCH more bearable. Have I ever told you that he only made it to the last 30 minutes of my labor with Max? He burst into the room on my first push. I'll have to share that story sometime. It's a good one.

I'm starting to feel like a whale any time I try to stand up. I'm in full waddle mode. I feel sorry for Zach and what it must feel like for him to watch me. I wonder if he's ever tempted to say, "Are you sure you need that many Oreo's?" He does sing this to me every once in a while. And I kind of love it.

I've narrowed my jeans selection down to one pair. Even looking at the others is pointless.

If you're sitting on the ground and I'm standing beside you, you can most likely see my belly poking out under my shirt. Sorry 'bout that.

When is it too soon to pull out all the baby clothes and wash them? Set up the crib? Stop cooking any form of dinner? Declare self imposed bed-rest? Or even better, start my days with a 4-wheeler ride in the mountaints, then after lunch visit the high school to scale the bleachers, and once the boys are in bed.... lots of other things that bring on labor....

Actually I can't do any of that (not true, I can do some of that...) until Sept. 25th. Zach's brother will be getting married on the 24th, and our Primary program in sacrament meeting is the day after. I just have to make it to those two things. After that, Project: Get-This-Baby-Out-Of-Me will be in full swing.


Char-and-Gibson said...

yes yes please wait after the 24th! then you can eat all the curry and take all the hot baths you like! :-)
However I think you're entitled to start all that other stuff as soon as you like... that way you won't have to rush to do it later when you may be feeling even more like a pregnant lady...

jen said...

I love that Mika song. That makes me laugh that he'll sing it to you. One more month is no time at all!

Anonymous said...

Oh, good times!! I remember being in your shoes like it was yesterday. I can still feel labor pains and let-down reflexes like it just happened.

Oh, word to the wise. Don't try castor oil. Just don't.

Do try a chiropractic adjustment and, if you get desperate, borrow a breast pump and watch movies for 3 hours with it on. Yeah baby. That got Josh out (12 days after the due date).

Woooo! You've done it before, and by golly you'll do it again.

rebecca said...

what cuties you have! and congrats.

OUR HOUSE said...

That picture of the boys on your belly is possibly my favorite picture that you've ever posted:)

Emma said...

Love that pic- so sweet :). I can't believe only one more month!!!