Thursday, June 16, 2011

tater tots

There's nothing better than walking into the living room and finding this:

No, wait a minute....

There is something better....

Walking into the living room and finding this:

My name is Katie and I let my kids watch tv.

And I like it.


Hailey said...

hahaha. I think there should be a new mom movement to end the unfair judgement of tv watching.
Hey, I credit Sesame Street for teaching me how to read. Ok, and my mom reading to me, but mostly Sesame Street. :)

ps. thanks for the sick-kid sympathy. I talked to my mom and she said my sister's friend had something really similar... she'd feel great, then suddenly crummy, then great again. Her mom got it too. She even played soccer when she had it and didn't realize she was sick. She thought she'd just gotten overheated. Weird bug, I guess.

OUR HOUSE said...

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