Friday, April 15, 2011

little letters

Dear Cold/Flu/Pregnancy,
You kicked my butt this week. And way to switch it up and confuse me: Deathly ill and in bed all day Monday, burst of energy and feeling productive on Tuesday, back in bed on Wednesday, feeling absolutely fantastic on Thursday, and now totally gross again on Friday. I think you're rude.

Dear Sewing Machine,
I miss you. But I also want to replace you. Sorry. Not really.

Dear Dude on,
You posted the exact bunk beds we've been looking at for $100 bucks last night ($250 less than what we were about to pay for new). I really hope that the lady you thought might show up, doesn't. And if she doesn't, I really hope you keep your word and save them for us. I'll call you at 4.

Dear Sunshine,
You look divine. I wish I could be outside enjoying you. Instead I'm inside, wrapped in a blanket, feeling icky and about to watch America's Next Top Model and fold three loads of laundry.

Dear Laughing Cow Cheese and Wheat Thins,
You complete me.

Dear Max,
I'm so proud of you for sleeping like a champ your first night in a "big boy bed" last night. You never got out once. Way to go. Also, I'm sorry our version of a "big boy bed" is really just your crib mattress on the floor in the corner of the room. Thank you for thinking that even that was the greatest thing ever.

Dear Quinn,
You make huge messes. But you say funny things, so I guess I'm ok with it. And I love you a whole lot. My only request: Please stop yelling at me.

Dear Me,
Being pregnant is hard. It won't last for ever. Soon you'll feel great and have muscle tone in your arms and legs again. And you'll sleep again. I promise, you will sleep again.

Dear Zachary,
You are my hero. I love you more than Laughing Cow Cheese and Wheat Thins.

Dear Baby Cowan,
I kind of think you're a girl. But if you're a boy, I'm REALLY sorry. Blame it on your brothers. They're pretty insistent that you're a girl.

Dear Juli (and everyone else),
These are my new shoes. I love them. And I love

Dear Team Sigg, I loved you being here. Come more. This was one of my favorite parts:

Dear Friday,
I hope to be able to better enjoy you as the day goes on. I'm trying. I really am.


Blair said...

Dear Katie,
I am glad you are my friend.

Blair said...

Oh... looks like I forgot to sign out of Blair's account. But I'm sure Blair is also glad that we are friends.

aswigfromthesiggs said...

Cute shoes Kat, did you still get some Toms? I have been looking at those too.

PS-Love that picture of Maizy.

PPS-You will sleep again :)

Emma said...

Maizy is so cute!

That baby has to be a girl. Definitely.

Glad Max enjoyed his amazing bed :).