Thursday, April 28, 2011

the good, the bad, and the ugly

Recent good decisions:

*Visiting my brother and his family over Easter. It was nearly perfect. If Max had slept there like he does at home, it would have been perfect. The little nerd.

*Putting white curtains up in my bedroom (after Max pulled down the dark red ones with the curtain rod coming down on his head, causing him to fall out of the window and onto the bed on top of me. I would have felt bad for him if it hadn't been so hilarious). It's suddenly so light and airy in there, all I can think about is how excited I am to paint the whole room bright white.

*Bunk beds. For the boys - not me and Zach. They love them and have slept (for the most part) like champs.

*Eating Oreo's with milk and watching Salt with Zach last night. What an exhausting movie! I'm sure adrenaline alone worked off a few of those Oreo's. Not really.

*Selling a few things on ebay and making $30. Sweeeet.

Recent not-so-good decisions:

*Being impatient and choosing "Buy it now" instead of bidding and spending way too much on a pair of Keen sandals for Quinn that ended up not fitting. Ugh.

*Getting behind on laundry and the organizing of my closet. I feel like I'll never catch up at this point. I may have to play the, "Sorry Zach, I'm pregnant and scatterbrained and I need your help to put the house back together and then I promise I'll keep up with it from now on" card. He's so much better at it than I am.

Excited about:

*Being 4 months pregnant today. ALMOST halfway there.

*Summer. Always.

*My sister-in-law giving me a ton of maternity pants, shirts, and skirts (including one from my other sister-in-law that I've borrowed for both previous pregnancies and makes me so happy that I may have cried a little bit when I saw it). Many thanks to Mandi and Taya for helping me not feel so fat anymore.

*Sleeping! Sleep and I have overcome our differences and we are, once again, so happy together.


*Pretty throw pillows for the couches. Pictures to come. Maybe.

*Home improvement plans - big and small. Replacing the TV that we bought for $100 8 years ago? Yes please. Finishing the boy's room? Soon!! Tearing up the CARPET in the kitchen?? I'm still trying to convince Zach on that one...

*Food again. I can finally cook food again. And eat it. This was the first meal I had made in a long time and I (once again) cried a little bit while eating:


*That both of my boys came to me today asking me to paint their toe nails.

*This picture of Quinn with a very pregnant cat:

*Zach, as always, falling asleep anywhere. This time, at my brother's mother-in-law's house, in the basement, on the floor, with his head under the bed. It is a gift:

*A fun new way of travelling around Ikea:

*AND a fun new game to play at Ikea - Where's Quinner?

That's all I've got for you. I'll try to stay more updated, but I can't make any promises. It takes a lot of time and effort to do nothing all day long. And we're working hard (I mean, I'm working hard) to do just that. So, you know. See ya around.


OUR HOUSE said...

Recent good decision - reading your blog
Recent not-so-good decision - oh please, I don't make those
Excited about - copying this post
Making - good use of my time by commenting on your post
Loving - the picture of Zach asleep w/his head under the bead. That's brilliant:)

Kristine Pratt said...

Love the picture of Zach, hilarious! I remember when I felt like cooking and eating again, awww what a glorious day!

Emma said...

I'd cry too eating that plate of food- that looks awesome! Iwalani saw the pic with Zach laying on the floor and she yelled out "NIGHT NIGHT!" She knew exactly what happened to him :). And yay for maternity clothes!

BRITTANY said...

My question is did you paint their toenails??? :)

Sarah said...

You are awesome. Loved this post. Oh, and congrats on your preggo self! It's a girl, I just know it :)

maurine said...

mmmmmm, food. Looks good. All of the pictures are adorable.