Thursday, March 17, 2011

crunch time

Can I write a random list in 15 minutes? Let's see.

1. We have a "grown-ups only" ward party starting right now. I'm not there because it's March Madness and there's a game on that will be over in a little while and this is the only time of year that Zach's allowed to be ridiculous. He went to a friend's house to finish the game. All I can say is, at least he took the boys with him. Because when I asked him what he thought of the steak I made him for dinner he said, "It's not bad."

2. It's once a year. For a few weeks. And like my motto for natural childbirth, "You can do anything for a day (or a few weeks). You could sit here with your leg cut off for a day (or a few weeks)." Ok, probably not for a few weeks. I'm just saying - This too shall pass.

3. I made a green cake today. I'll show you tomorrow.

4. I tried out couponing for the first time yesterday. Like, big time couponing. I checked ads, made a very thorough list... It took a while just to get ready to leave the house. I went to Wal-Mart because they will price-match anywhere. And guess what? I didn't even have to show them the ads. I just wrote on sticky notes how much stuff was someplace else, and they totally took my word for it. It was actually a little scary how easy that part was. Unfortunately the scanner wouldn't accept all my coupons. But I still saved quite a bit. $9.50 just from coupons alone (for things like cereal, make-up, shampoo...) and at least ten more dollars from the price matching. So that's pretty handy. I guess I'll keep it up. But next time, I'm not taking the rugrats with me.

5. It snowed today. Blegh.

6. I stumbled onto a blog through another blog the other day, and after reading for a minute, I realized she lives in my home town. And after reading a little more, I realized she was in the same ward as my parents and brother. And after chatting with her through comments, found out that she and her husband have dinner with my brother and his wife weekly. And my brother is their home teacher. Crazy, right? She's cute, check her out.

7. The husband is home. We can go now. Not bad for 15 minutes, aye? Later gatorz.

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Emma said...

It's a small world, ey!? Just like how I know Erica and she married into the family you (semi) grew up with- CRAZY!