Wednesday, January 5, 2011

this and that

Christmas was wonderful. The boys were so excited about Christmas with everything leading up to it, I'm already looking forward to next year. Christmas with kids is the best.

We had a little Christmas with just us on the morning of the 23rd, and then headed to Zach's parent's house for the rest of the holiday. We had so much fun there that we ended up staying till the 2nd! And upon our leaving I'm sure they locked the door and slept for a week straight.

Is it just me, or is vacationing loads easier when you're not trying to make kids nap?? We found that Max would zonk out if we were in the car for more than 3 minutes, but then wake up happy and ready to play, and then pass out immeadiately when we layed him in his crib at night. And Quinn usually plays hard enough that bedtime isn't a problem ever (knock on wood). Yes, life is easier if you play with kids so much that there is no other option but to sleep at bedtime. Amazing.
Zach, on the other hand....

I know there are at least two other cameras with more pictures of Zach sleeping in different places on this trip. The man has a gift, and he's not hiding it under a bushel. And I guess, like father like son:


Anyways, since I'm not one for a big recap post, let's move on to 2011. These are my semi/somewhat/do-the-best-I-can-in-2011 resolutions:

Play more

Sit less

Write more

Read less (blogs)

Enjoy being myself more

Stress less

Start a gratitude journal

Go to bed when Zachary goes to bed

Budget (yeah, yeah....)

Those are easy enough, right? Though I have to admit, it feels kind of silly to make new year's resolutions or goals, because I feel like I'm making them constantly. Daily. Making, and often times, breaking....

Happy New Year!


Janalee said...

I started a gratitude journal and it is awesome! I write three things everyday. The tomato cage looks great! are having a 4 star day!!

Kristine Pratt said...

Loved reading about your Christmas festivities and loved the pictures of Zach!!! I also started a gratitude journal a few years back. Now I write in it when I start feeling like nothing goes my way :)

maurine said...

The pictures of Zach are pretty hilarious