Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've been noticing that as I go throughout my day, trying to get things done amidst the mild chaos that is life with two little boys, I find myself measuring my tasks as either successes or failures. And, I'm sure, a million in betweens of, "I mostly got that done." Or, "Because of circumstances, that particular task became impossible, and that's ok."

I try to be realistic in my expectations of myself, so as to not set myself up for disappointment. There is nothing worse than being disappointed in yourself.

And I feel like at the end of my days I look back, and most days, feel that I could have done much, much better.

A nicer mom. A more appreciative wife. More diligent in my calling at church. A better neighbor. A more thoughtful friend.

It's tough! And the thing that always comes to mind is, "Simplify!!!" Isn't that a beautiful word?? That's the reason I didn't really do neighbor gifts this year. It's the reason I gave away my 50 free Shuttyfly cards. It's the reason I've given up the tv battle (Boys, do you want to watch tv all day long?? No problem!). And it's the reason why most people on my Christmas list this year got Astronaut Ice Cream....

What I need to do is change my idea of a success. It's different for everyone. And different for me at different times in my life. Heck, it's different for me at different times of the month (obviously).

So here is my current, this week, this day, idea of success. For me.

*Having at least a good idea of what we're having for dinner before Zach walks in the door = Success

*Making the bed before actually going to bed = Success

*Washing, drying, folding and putting away laundry all in one day = Major Success (I did this today. It was awesome)

*Reading scriptures, praying and having a minute of alone time before the boys wake up = Major Success (and very rare)

*Making the boys (and myself) a decent breakfast, lunch and dinner = Success

*Doing some chores that make the house appear cleaner than it was when Zach left in the morning = Success

*Being able to consider myself a nice mom at the end of the day = Success

*Having some good quality time with Zach after the boys go to bed = Success

Speaking of, that's what I'm going to do right now.

What do you consider a success?


Kristin, Scott, Emily and Eric said...

Ditto to absolutely EVERYTHING that you have said. Seriously. Everything. I have been feeling alot like this lately. I need to simplify. End of story.

Jill said...

I agree. And I will add one for my case.

4 or more hours of consecutive sleep= success

Janalee said...

Katie, this is awesome! I read Pres. Uchtdorf's talk just barely and you are totally following and setting an example. That is awesome. I think success for me is reading my scriptures, taking time to laugh, and writing everyday.

Tiffany-Joy Mo said...

What a great post...I have been thinking a lot recently about how to simplify my life...I think I will take a few of your ideas of success and apply them this week.