Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a quick post before I turn on caillou - per the boys insistant pleadings

Sooooo....... Thanksgiving was awesome - as expected. We went back to Cedar and had a fabulous time playing with everyone and eating nearly constantly. I even braved Wal-Mart at midnight with Zach's cousin Brian for the Black Friday madness. Zach wasn't up for it. ;) And seriously, he would have hated every second of it. It was CA-RAZY. Shoulder to shoulder. Sadly, we only saw one display of adult to adult anger - from a lady who ran into another lady with her cart. You would think it was the lady who got hit that would be mad, but apparently it was her fault for walking too slow.

Oh, and I have to say something... To all the parents who had their young, pajama clad, crying, dozing children with them, and then yelled at them for crying the whole time - Leave your kids in bed next time. That way I can spend more time shopping and less time judging you.

End rant.

So now I'm in full fledged Christmas mode. I have a quilt nearly finished for the Max man. I know, a 2 year old will not be excited to open a quilt for Christmas. But I made a quilt for Quinn for Christmas when he was 2, so why not make it (yet another) tradition?? Also, I learned that quilting on my lap late at night while watching Say Yes To The Dress (or anything, for that matter. p.s. Netflx - I love you) is a bad idea. I had to remove a whole row of stitches last night. Oh well. Lesson learned. I'll share pictures once it's finished.

Wondering whether we should try for a real, legitimate Christmas tree this year... Or do I pull out the red tomato cage for another go?? It already has lights on it.....

Also, do yourself a favor and make a Pandora station titled "Happy Christmas - War is Over (John Lennon)." But only if you're into countless remakes of that John Lennon classic, Paul McCartney's Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime, and, my personal favorite, Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas (seriously, how cool is Sting at 1:10?? And when I hear Bono at 1:23 I get chills..... but that's just me....).

K, that's all for now. Time for Caillou..... blegh......


Hailey said...

"That way I can spend more time shopping and less time judging you." HAHAHA.
I'm not crazy about Beatle (or post Beatle) covers, but that's one song I don't mind hearing over and over. Sarah Maclachlan (sp?) has a great one.

MaryPosa said...

Christmas music and I have a complicated relationship. I have some that I love, and others (a lot of others, actually) that make me want to rip my ears off and fling them at something. The Paul McCartney one is on the ear-flinging list, along with Last Christmas, and Baby It's Cold Outside (aka - Christmas Date Rape song).

Did that sound like a bah humbug? sorry.

I have ones that I love though, and this is a long comment. maybe i should just go blog about this instead. :)

Jill said...

I agree with your rant. Any parent who takes a child with them to any store after 9, unless it's a dire emergency, is a moron. 2 words: bed time.

Brian said...

It was totally worth it for the $5 Blu-Ray discs. Of course, that's just on my end. Twas a fun adventure.