Wednesday, September 1, 2010

still summering

Sorry about the silence. We've been squeezing out the last drops of summer over here. Zach's back to work and obsessing over lessons and zonking out shortly after walking in the door. We're already having to bundle up as we putter around the house in the mornings. But it's not all bad. I always seem to feel a burst of creativity once it starts to get a little chilly outside. It hasn't kicked in yet, but the anticipation of it is enough.

Here's what we've been up to:

Four boys working hard in the kitchen. Yeah.

Max insisting on sleeping in gloves (or "blubs" as he calls them).

Waking up the next morning, happy to see they're still on! Also, showing definite signs of mosquito warfare. Poor Max. His blood must be delicious.

Visiting a nearby lake for the first time where it is, supposedly, really easy to catch crawdads. No such luck.

But we did catch this adorable little frog!

Although, the boy may be just a tad more adorable.

GET IT?? Just a TAD?? heh heh heh....

I was hoping to also include an awesome video to brighten your day, but alas, I've been sitting here well past my bedtime and it still hasn't loaded. I'll try it another day.

I'm going to bed.

1 comment:

MaryPosa said...

Well, at least the kitchen is getting played with right? :)

And I love the word "Chilly" Mainly because Elliot has been saying it a lot lately and her little accent is hilarious.

Did you take the frog home?