Thursday, September 2, 2010

good clean fun

Proof that a cardboard box really can be hours of fun.

I think they played in it for two hours. It was awesome. And sorry there's not more of the back and forth. But you get the idea.


MaryPosa said...

I have been going though some serious Katie Cowan withdrawals lately. Serious. Last night Blair and I were watching Julie and Julia (Blair even picked it. I know mind-bottling) and we were both going slightly crazy about how much Amy Adams reminds us of you. (only the good and nice parts though!)

You know what else is fun? The Iron County Fair. So, you should some down and play with me and my girls.

Emma said...

There's nothing better than the sound of childrens laughter....thank you for sharing. (I love how they get that box upright again!)

Jill said...

Ha ha! That looks like a blast! Boxes really are hours of entertainment! Enjoy the rest of summer! Miss you guys!