Wednesday, June 16, 2010

another list

So it seems I've lost my blogging mojo. Is it that it's summertime? I don't quite know what it is. But don't expect much from around here for a while. I don't know when the urge to blog will return. But for now I'd rather play with friends, go to the pool, the library, run through sprinklers, read, attempt to clean this house, keep up with laundry, sew, sew, sew, take a few vacations.... important things. I'm sure you understand. So here are a few things to tie us over:

Summer toes:

Our bed right now. I don't know how I manage to leave this every morning. And why I procrastinate jumping back in it every night:

And note that the star lights have been secured around the top of the window since this picture was taken.
To prevent Quinn from nearly strangling himself. Again.

Be still my heart. They sure know how to have fun:

Managed to get a cute picture of me and the little boy:

And me and the bigger little boy:

The boys zonked after a couple of hours at a pool a few towns over. I know the feeling. Quinn was particularly exhausted after having an unpleasant underwater experience. Thank goodness for those tender mercies when the spirit shouts, "Where's Quinn?!" I don't know how long he was under, but long enough to scare the heck out of both of us. And also one of those reassuring mothering moments when you realize instincts will take over and you will know just what to do. We were very lucky.

A good example of why you shouldn't leave wet shoes on for a few hours. Poor Max had a horrible case of the weazles. At least, that's what we call it at our house. What do you call it?

Also, you know you're a mother when your husband asks what you want for your birthday and after hours of shopping online for jewelry, bags, shoes, art, fabric, clothes.... you tell him you'd really just like some time all by yourself to clean up your sewing room. And then some more time just to sew. What the heck?


Kristine Pratt said...

We've been swimming too! Summer is great with kids. Sorry to hear about the under water experience. When I was about 4 I rescued Michelle from underwater death!

Jill said...

I'm sorry to hear about Quinn's pool mishap. Sadly I know that feeling all too well, and not even with my own kid! I am glad everything is okay. It makes those prune-feet not so bad. (That's what we call it.) :)

I am just as bad about birthdays and such. I asked for a new vacuum for my birthday?? A mother thing or just me? Ooo! Call the kirby guy!