Saturday, May 1, 2010

a vacation of sorts

Come on a little trip with me for a minute....

So, while cleaning the kitchen today I heard this remake on Pandora, and felt as though my life had reached it's pinnacle. Here it is on youtube:


Then it reminded me of this most excellent clip from the movie Almost Famous (note that I've only ever seen this movie edited for t.v. and I suggest you do the same:)

You can thank me for that later.

Then I thought of this amazing scene from About A Boy (it won't let me embed it. Sorry).

And Zach reminded me of this one (beware of the make-out at the end! Zachary....):

And this one (of course):

And one more excellent suggestion from Zachary:

*sigh* Happiness..... Wasn't that fun?

Which ones am I missing?


Jill said...

I loved it!! Have you ever had a dream that turned into a musical? And you wake up and think: well, that was weird. Have you? Just wondering.

Kristine Pratt said...

We love the whole wide world song, we found it on itunes and downloaded it! Great movie.