Monday, May 3, 2010

2 months

Last year I made a list of 25 things to do before I turn 26, and I only crossed 11 things off that list. So even though I'm cutting it to the last minute this year, I'm hoping to do a little better this time. I've got till June 24th. And these aren't necessarily things I've never done before. Just things. Here's my list:

26 Things to do before I turn 27
1. Take pictures in a photo booth.
2. Paint that blasted computer hutch already.
3. Have 100% visiting teaching.
4. Sew a dress and wear it.
5. Jump off a diving board.
6. Totally organize my sewing room.
7. Go to the temple at least 3 times.
8. Make some form of art for each room in the house.
9. Sew something for someone else.
10. Have a party. :)
11. Don't buy myself any new clothes.
12. Make a bulletin board.
13. Visit the zoo.
14. Make Samoa Cookies.
15. Learn how to follow a sewing pattern.
16. Read at least 5 books from my summer reading list.
17. Teach Quinn how to write his name.
18. Eat five foods I've never eaten before.
19. Sell something.
20. Sew something for Zach (not a repair!)
21. Finish a quilt.
22. Complete our family mission statement with Zach.
23. Send someone a package just for fun.
24. Invite someone to church.
25. *These last two I'm going to keep just to myself. :)
26. *

Wish me luck.

Also, did you see my last shirt for the contest? They've picked the top 60 tops. I don't know if any of mine have made it, but I'll let you know if they do. They're posting 12 tops a day for reader voting. If any of mine make it I'll be expecting you and anyone you've ever known to get on there and vote for me. It's the responsible thing to do. :)


Hailey said...

Good luck with #11. I don't care if you're already an amazing seamstress... shopping is just a bad habit to break! :)

Jill said...

I want to see a picture of this finished quilt. (#21) I bet it is awesome! And when you do #13 you can visit me too!!! I'm up that way... sort of.

MaryPosa said...

#10 - please invite me?

This is a good list. I should make a list about something.

Chelsea Marie said...

Have you done #12 I have really wanted to make a bulletin board lately for some reason. I have found a lot of cute ideas. If you have I want to see a picture!! : ]