Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 things

1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I love Allison Janney.

2. Zumba. I've only been twice, but it's pretty fabulous. I showed Zach some of the moves I learned last night and asked, "Do I look like I know what I'm doing? Or do I look like a huge nerd?" I have a very honest husband. This was one of my favorite songs to dance to last night. And here's a video of a Zumba routine to it. Our's is a lot more fun than this one though. ;)4

3. Every morning I ask Quinn what he would like for breakfast, and every morning he says, "No, I can't want breakfast." So I've decided that now, when he says that, I'm simply not going to fix him breakfast. I'll make something nice for me and Max, and when Quinn tells me an hour later that he's hungry, I'll make him oatmeal. Because for me, oatmeal is like a punishment. And I'll do that every day for years if that's what it'll take for him to stop saying, "I can't want breakfast." I was really thinking this would work, until this morning, when he requested oatmeal. Seriously kid??

4. Two nights ago I made and ate eggplant for the first time. That's one down for #18 (eat 5 foods I've never eaten before) on my list. I made eggplant parmesan following this recipe (mostly). Quinn even ate it. Wow. I also have some green cauliflower in my fridge that will be new to me.

5. Both of these vegetables came from Bountiful Baskets. Look it up, see if they've got it in your area. It's awesome. I went and volunteered on Saturday and loved it. As a volunteer you have to help separate all the produce from their cases into the baskets for the people to come pick up. I think there were 90 baskets to fill, 6 volunteers, and one of the items for each basket was a watermelon. My arms and thighs are still sore. Although thinking of this scene made me laugh the whole time. Even more when I showed this clip to Zach and he said it reminded him of my sister, Juli. Heh heh heh....

6. I love assembly line work.

7. Another item we got from Bountiful Baskets was mangos. Six of them. And at 11:00 the other night Zach and I decided it was time we learn how to cut a mango. We watched this video, and seriously, at a minute and 51 seconds I about peed my pants. Amazing.

8. Max is awake from his nap now and Quinn is insisting that I go in and get him.....

9. This is the time of day where Zach is about to be home and I'm wondering what the heck I've done all day.....

10. And as my mother would say, "You've kept the children alive and well. That's a big job." Indeed it is. But I could be doing a lot better at it.

Back to work.


Our House said...

Joe makes me say mango with the
m(o)m sound instead of the m(a)de sound:) The Juli/watermelon comments made me laugh:)

MaryPosa said...

Lists are really just the best aren't they?

So, keep me informed on what songs you do at Zumba, I taught my first ever part of a class this week, and I taught a dance to White Sky by Vampire Weekend. It was pretty awesome, but i'm afraid most of the stuff i listen to is not really uh... Zumba-esque. Can you just see me trying do a dance to Dashboard Confessional or the Format? Just kidding. anyway.


Danielle said...

"I carried a watermelon." Ha ha that is exactly the moment I thought of when you said watermelons!

Also, I love Oatmeal too. So that wouldn't be a punishment for me. You should try Malt O Meal. I mean, I like it, but that is even more rare. Maybe he won't.

maurine said...

Hah! I use plain oatmeal as punishment for Bryant. When he breaks one of our "kitchen rules" he gets plain oatmeal for breakfast, or whatever meal is next. It works pretty well!