Friday, April 16, 2010


A few things that have made me happy recently...

This perfect grin:

The face he kept making when I'd say, "Ok, give me a nice smile!":

Max, more than happy to do this for 15 minutes:

Finally getting it in his mouth:

(Don't mind the happy clouds covering up SOMEONE'S pesky children.... kidding.... about the pesky part:) The sweet face he gave me at the park yesterday:

Finishing another top that I love so much I wore it for three days straight. Seriously:

Zach FINALLY taking a decent picture of me. And don't mind the clutter all around me because I've been in spring cleaning mode and all that clutter is GONE:

Clearing all the random junk off the mantle for the first time in probably a year. Had to take a picture since it'll probably last for about a week. And someday we'll fix those windows, but right now, it's the last thing on our remodeling list:

Catching this awesome shot of Quinn (and Max under the curtain of course) before bed:

Walking into my bedroom and finding a lone balloon hovering over the heat vent:

That's all for now. Happy Friday y'all.


Beck n' Ben said...

Oh how much did I enjoy this post!!!

What a nice end to the week.

Kristine Pratt said...

Love the top Katie, seriously, you need to start your own business!

Shannon said...

I agree with Kristine...if you would ever like to give me some of your creations as gifts I would seriously love it!

Megan Marie said...

I actually really like the windows the way they are. LOVE the flying kid shot!

Jill said...

You have such cute kids! And I love the shirt! Where do you come up with such awesome ideas? Can you teach me to be cool?

Playfully Prissy said...

Loved this! Especially the pic of Max squirting his face. That is classic kid. Love it! The baloon is fun too! Great post. Made me happy too. :)

Carolyn said...

Hi there - I liked this top on MadebyRae's a lot and blogged about it, hope that was ok! I included a link back to your flickr photo, didn't see the link to your blog until just now. Very cute kids!!!