Monday, September 28, 2009


I just accomplished something that I've wanted to figure out how to do for a long time.

See, I've gotten into the habit not throwing away or giving away any of our old clothes because I always think I can turn it into something else useful. We're trying to live by the whole, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without" motto. I feel lucky that Zach seems to think I can turn almost nothing into something. So the other day he went through all his t-shirts and picked out the ones he never wears and left them by my sewing machine. "I bet you can turn these into something really cool for the boys," he said. And I've been playing around with turning our old shirts into cute little pants for Max, and they're super cute, but I wanted to go a step further. So today I got one of Quinn's shirts that he never wears to use as a pattern, and one of Zach's shirts from the pile to cut up, and turned it into this:

I used the neck from the original shirt as the neck for the new shirt which made everything else super easy. I'm really excited about making this shirt because I've never made a shirt before but I've been wanting to for a long time. And I've always been bugged by little kid shirts because for some reason the shirts always seem short and fat. Why is that?? Anyways, this has totally made my day. Zach has some really sweet old shirts that don't fit him anymore that are going to be absolutely adorable on Quinn. This shirt is a Robinson Trucking shirt from right here in Salina. Zach is good friends with the owner and last time he went to visit him he sent him home with a ton of Robinson Trucking loot! He wears the long sleeve shirt he was given all the time, but the short sleeved shirt was a little too big for him. Now Quinn can show off his "RTeam" pride. :)
I didn't hem the bottom or sleeves of the shirt. I figure I'll just leave them since they won't fray. I can't wait to show Zach. He's gonna love it. It makes me happy with myself when I am able to do something that he knows I'm capable of, but I don't. Today is a success.


Angela said...

I love the first picture of Quinn, with the title, "success!" Awesome! So, that was an adult short-sleeved shirt? Wow!

I know, little kid shirts are totally always short and fat. I consider it a great find when I find a normal, human-proportioned kid shirt. Lame.

Emma said...

Dang. That. Is. Awesome! You crafty person you- I am jealous!

I think companies make their shirts for oompa loompas.

Jen said...

Katie, you're amazing.

Kelsie Dawn said...

I'd love to have a sewing lesson! next time we come play I'll have to bring my sewing machine and we'll sew together!

Jill said...

You inspire me Katie!

Michelle said...

I am very impressed, I have a sewing machine that I need to put into use and you may have just inspired me to do so.

Jael said...

can I make a request? I just found your blog through a friend's, and you should definitely, I mean DEFinitely, post a tutorial on how to turn a big person shirt into a little person shirt! That is so cool, and I am incapable of figuring this stuff out for myself.
Also, I don't even know you but your blog is super entertaining. I hope that doesn't creep you out. I'm not a creeper. :)