Wednesday, September 30, 2009

love for nie

I love nie nie. I LOVE nie nie.
I just pulled up my blog list to see if anyone had posted anything new, and when I saw that nie nie had, my heart jumped. And even now, after reading her post, I still feel a little fluttery.
I think I have a crush on nie nie.
If you're not reading her yet, you should start.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that! I didn't know who she was an hour ago when I checked your blog, and let's just say I have been perusing her blog for the last hour. I can't stop! I am already so inspired to live a better life. What an amazing woman.

Team Cowan said...

awesome!! I'm glad you're enjoying her so much. she's incredible. and yeah, when I discovered her blog for the first time I started at the very beginning and read the entire thing over the course of a couple of weeks.

Kristin, Scott, and Emily Mabb said...


I too have just spent the last hour persuing her blog and now i'm CRYING.. holy cow. Totally inspires me to be a better mom. I better go to bed now though, so I can start tomorrow! Thank you for sharing. What an inspirational woman.

Kristin, Scott, and Emily Mabb said...

I meant to say "perusing"... sigh