Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i guess i really like food.

The other day while we were eating breakfast Quinn picked up his spoon like a phone and pretended to be me having a conversation. Here's what I supposedly sound like in his 3 year old world:

"Hello!?.... Dis is Katie..... Hi sister.... Uhh.... Um...... Yeah, yeah, yep.... Makin' muffins.... Gettin' pancakes.... Yep. Okay bye!!"

It's probably not far from the truth. Lots of mumbling about food.


MaryPosa said...

Better happy conversations about food than the ones Elliot has on her play phone where she pretends to call people asking for things we don't have (like batteries for her toys) then sounding disappointed when daddy, katie, luxie, hazel, and grandmaposa don't have them either.

quinn is cute by the way. like seriously adorable.

Emma said...

HA HA! That sounds like my conversations with my family too. I didn't notice that whenever David talks to his family I always ask him to ask them what they are eating/ate for dinner until he finally pointed that out about a week ago (I guess this has been going on for 3 1/2 years!). He says I'm obsessed with food. I think he's right.