Monday, September 21, 2009

the happy camper

Zach and Quinn went camping this last weekend. Being the excellent mother that I am I packed Quinn's bag with pj's for any weather, a coat, extra socks AND extra shoes, his sound machine loaded with batteries, and of course, plenty of diapers and wipes. I figured with lots of wipes Zach would be able to clean Quinn up after all the expected messes of camping. Well, Quinn got to his backpack before they left and unpacked the wipes. :)

This is the little grub that Zach brought home. I don't think he missed the wipes too much. Oh, and he smelled like ham.

His hands were hilariously filthy.

That face absolutely slays me. You can clearly tell he had a great time with Papa.
And since Mama can't sleep when Papa's away, she had a great time polishing off an entire pan of brownies at 11 o'clock at night all by herself.


Jill said...

Ha ha ha! Sounds like a good time!

aswigfromthesiggs said...

Oh, I wish I could reach through my computer and SCRUB his little self. I am amazed Zach could stand it. He looks deliriously happy.