Tuesday, July 28, 2009

sunset beach 2009

It was awesome. I don't know what else to say other than that.
Here are some pictures:
Bet you didn't know the pier is an upward climb. :)

Yeah, I know, "It'd be such a cute picture except that...."

If you know my dad, then you know this pose.

My brother's two little girls. Coolest picture ever.

Mr. Happy.

The whole pack.

Our July 4th parade.


The fat boy on the 4th.

My boys.

Zach + Katie = Eternal retarded bliss.

Funniest. Picture. Ever.

Chillin' on the beach.

Attempts at family pictures...

The end.

Ok, not really the end. I don't want to write a big long detailed recap of our whole trip, so from time to time I'll post a few more pictures and share a few stories from our two week trip to NC. But really, it was pretty great. The boys had a great time playing with all the cousins and Nanny and Poppy. We miss you all already!


Jill said...

Looks awesome! Those are some great pics! I am glad you loved it!

Travis and Cristan said...

We missed you...but it looks like you guys had a fabulous time!
Your pictures are awesome-good job:)