Thursday, July 30, 2009

isn't she lovely???

It is finished. And it is awesome.

I don't know what makes me happier:

Not having to worry about the children in the bathtub splashing water all over the carpet.

Not having to worry about the inevitably disgusting carpet around the toilet.

Or simply having the toilet in the house again.
TMI FYI: I got the flu before we were able to get the toilet back in.
It was bad.
But like I said, it is finished. And it is awesome.
Did my man deliver, or did he deliver!?
Little gems we learned throughout this experience:
  • Unpack from your two week vacation before tearing apart the bathroom. In fact, wait a day or two.
  • The 12X12 mosaic sheets are not easier than large tiles. Sorry Zach.
  • When choosing grout - If you have a slightly off white tile and you use a bright white grout your tile will look pink. Yeah. Again, sorry Zach.
  • The bolts that stick up out of the ground to hold your toilet down can easily be replaced. This is good to know when you go to put the toilet back on and the new tile is too tall for the bolts to clear the toilet. Thanks Ben.
  • Learn how to pee outside, but only do it at night.
  • Have a plan for what you're going to do when it's not pee.
  • For the sake of the marriage - don't complain to your husband, or on your blog, about not having a toilet to sit on.


Kristin, Scott, and Emily Mabb said...

WOW!!! It looks fabulous!! I bet you are super glad to have it all done. It's a good feeling!

BRITTANY said...

I love the first picture of Max on the beautifully tiled floor.

Jill said...

Hooray for the return of indoor plumbing! Congrats on another project crossed off you list. And a very happy birthday to Max just a little while ago and another very happy birthday to Quinn coming up!